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  • SCX Ford Fiesta

    Just picked one up. I was wondering if anyone has added a button battery to power the lights in leu of using track power.

    Not a fan of the pickup and tab arrangement on SCX cars. Is there a "normal" guide that will fit into the limited space on this car?


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    Hi Bill, I really doubt you would notice the lack of power, or is it the dimming of lights when you let off the throttle you don't like? You could try to add a capaciter to keep the lights bright, but I can't help with the details.

    About the guide system on the SCX cars, I have many of them and have had not problem with the guide, even running no mag and sliding wildly. Are you actually having a problem, or you just don't like the looks of it?


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      I'm looking for constant lighting.
      I know of capacitors being added, but I run at reduced voltage and have a less-than-high-speed track, so I'm not sure about charging up the capacitor.

      Guide is just one of my "issues".


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        I have a Fly truck and an Avant Slot LMP that have lights with a capaciter and the lights stay on for about 1 minute when the capaciter has charged.