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  • SCX gear sizes

    Are all the gear sizes the same when stock? At least in the same class?

    I've seen a lot of difference in performance with various cars by changing the profile of rear tires which in turn changes the gearing ratio so I am debating on checking into a couple gear changes for certain cars.

    My track is probably on the smaller side of things with about 44 feet or so and not a lot of long straights, so the lower gearing may help.

    If all the same, what is stock? (might save me from having to take a few lids off to count)

    BTW: I run digital, and have been following the thread about compatible parts which got me thinking about the spur gear.

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    If you look on a site like Slot car corner they have ratio charts for gearing.Your cars run a 9/27 which equate's to a ratio 3.00.These gears can be installed on pro or aftermarket axles accomponnied by some wheel hubs of your choice,pro or aftermarket,which also means new tires and yes, if a different size,will also effect the final ratio.You can also change the pinion gear on the motor and this requires a puller/install tool or some ingenuity for removal/installation.
    I would start with a set of different tires like Indy Grips#2086 silicones which fit most 16mm SCX wheels or Paul Gage tires(Ebbay) and between a slight size and grip change you may just be satisfied without the exspense $5.00 verses around $18.00.Out of 8 cars i really race 3 have stock axles and are among the best in the club and 6 of the 8 have a stock 9/27 setup with all having an aftermarket tire of some sort.I am all over the board on that.NSR,Indy grip,Paul Gage,Super tires,and Yellow dogs.I still haven't experimented with grip levels on SCX Track,but that's another subject!