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??? SCX Headlights very dim

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  • ??? SCX Headlights very dim

    I've got two of SCX's rally cars with lights. One has very bright lights, the other has lights that are so dim thay can't even be detected unless racing in the dark.

    What do you think would cause the dim lights? I removed the body and checked the connections with no problems being apparent. I even tested the lights while the body was removed by using a jumper wire and they were still very dim.

    Do you think a new bulb would fix the problem or is it something else? Seems like the bulb would either be good or bad, not just dim.


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    comparing the two cars................does one have the "XENON EFFECT" lights? or does one have a centrally mounted incandescent bulb? anyways....SCX has changed their lights a couple times recently. from one incandescent bult to four LEDs to four very bright/white LEDs. the newest cars also have much better connection tween the brass powers strips and the circuit boards on which the LEDs are mounted.