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    It's been a while (like almost three years) but I need a hand narrowing down a part for my SCX Peugeot 908 TDi FAP. I guess from one too many tank slappers, the guide flag is having issues. But I don't think it's the guide flag itself. The flag presses into a piece in the chassis that rotates, and self-centers with a spring. This part has a stop to keep it from over-rotating, and I think that stop is worn down, on one side at least.

    I'm hoping I can find a replacement for this. Does anyone have a part number or any idea where I can find this?


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    still have inventory of some SCX Pro and SCX Standard parts, as well as the B-Nova replacement fixings.

    Of course, if the guide still guides and rotates properly, then as long as the car isn't overdriven it should be OK though I suppose with an SCX too much rotation might cut power.


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      What happens is it over-rotates, loses power, and half the time the guide gets stuck and has to be forcibly rotated back. Each time it happens, the flag gets more and more loose (or at least it seems). Plus, I drive this car no-mag a lot, so the tail is always out.

      Thanks for the link! I'll see what they have.


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        That part was not ever available as a 'part'. Try contacting Bryan Young [email protected]


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          Thanks, that's helpful. I'll drop him a line right now.


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            I believe the part you're looking for is an ARS collar. I think the 908's use V2 ARS. You can also use a V3 ARS in those units if you can't find stock of V2. Contacting Bryan Young as suggested earlier is always a good idea. There are also a couple 'bay sellers that often have extra ARS units in bulk packages for sale.

            Cheers, and Merry Christmas,


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              I might check eBay if I don't hear back from Bryan soon.


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                Digital or Analog ARS collar?


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                  Originally posted by cydewaze View Post
                  if I don't hear back from Bryan soon.
                  Yes, he doesn't seem as sharp as he used to be. Maybe all the SCX corporate stuff as finally worn him down.

                  I wrote him about parts availability two months ago, he finally responded a couple weeks later, and I responded to his query. Now about a month later, I have not heard a peep.

                  There is another thread complaining about SCX response to warranty and replacement parts inquires.

                  Sad thing is he was always very good on service and usually generous when you got your package.

                  Not having parts is bad enough, not responding is really poor service.