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  • Best looking car ever

    I never thought I'd be saying this, but I think SCX has released the best looking slot car ever made:

    I don't know how the Scalextric version is going to come out, but this Aston Martin is perfect in my book.

    I saw the original AM V8 at the Detroit Auto Show, and was really stunned by its looks. This car has the same 'ability to stun', which is so hard to capture in scale.

    Standing O for SCX, on this car, the 550 Maranello, and the Seat 'Puma' car. Really great stuff lately.

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    Very nice, Dave, how does it handle on the copper tape? Any upcoming Slot Car News or reviews?


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      Dave Who? David Brown?

      Good picture there Mr Secundo, and I gotta agree about that car; looks fast just sitting there.

      How does the Ferrari compare, both in looks and performance?


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        I just can't get past the "big mouth bass" look of this or the real car - I know it looks great otherwise. If it has that floating motor pod like the Cupra it should be a good runner with some simple modifications.

        Having Fun - Da Vols


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          I thought this was the best looking car ever...


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            "Dave Who? David Brown?" Ummmm, Duh, I have to drink more coffee before reading! I don't know why I though Dave K. posted that, sorry Kurt.

            Most beautiful? Only seaplanes and boats should have pontoons, I'll vote for the '62 GTO!


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              I agree that the Ferrari 250 GTO is about the best looking car ever, to my blindered, aged eyes, (I still see 20/20 corrected, so no cracks about that), but byooty is in the eye of the beholder, I think you will agree.

              However, the thread is "about" the SCX Aston Martin DBR9, and I hafta say, I've already ordered one from a dealer who will be nameless. I agree it looks like a fish, but why is that a criticism? I like the snout. It looks predatory, like a bass, like a race car. My complaint is that the rear of the actual car looks boring and undistinguished. If the SCX version looks like a fish in front, and boring from behind, that is success. My eye did pick up that the yellow character lines over the side windows look translucent, with the green showing though the yellow. The wheel spokes looks clumsy, but an overspray of Floquil Grimy Black should take care of that.

              I am expecting the SCX model has the rocking motor pod, and the RX62C motor. I suspect a go-fast option may be a taller gear ratio. I also think the guide may need work, as on the last SCX I worked on. That was an Arrows F1, so that may be yesterday's technology.

              Is the mail here yet?


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                Try it in basic black (Spa, 2006):

                Udo Klinkel Motorsportphotos

                Or paint the inside of the fish mouth white (Zuhai, 2005):

                both photos
                Last edited by Robert Livingston; 06-13-2006, 02:26 PM.


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                  I agree with all you say, Robert, and will very likely own this car. I only hope they do the matching C6R, so we can re-live this weekends race! I like the flat black version, is that the private entry at LeMans? I heard they just hired Piquet jr., could be a very good race?!?


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                    I should have elaborated a little on my "bass" comment - it's the yellow "lipstick" that gives it that fishy appearance - I do like the car in it's entirety in it's other paint schemes as Robert has pictured.

                    Having Fun - Da Vols


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                      Yeah, I was going for the best looking slot car, not the best looking car. And maybe some other cars qualify, like Slot.It's NewMan Porsche.

                      I totally agree, the front looks like a fish -- pretty much the meanest fish you've ever seen.

                      As far as performance, it's a decent runner. It seems to be a bit faster than my 550, actually.

                      And good news, Robert -- it IS boring in the back, just like the real deal. fortunately, it's all gussied up with racing doo-dads that make it look very cool from the back, too.

                      I'm looking forward to directly comparing it with Scalextric's version, but until then, I'm really happy with this car. Enjoy!



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                        Hey Dave - Does it have the floating motor pod? If they come out with another paint scheme I might just get one (especially in black) to run with my Cupra.

                        Having Fun - Da Vols


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                          Originally posted by Da Vols
                          I just can't get past the "big mouth bass" look of this or the real car - I know it looks great otherwise. If it has that floating motor pod like the Cupra it should be a good runner with some simple modifications.

                          Having Fun - Da Vols
                          hey racer fans , BASS? don't see it my self

                          racer gene wait OK a few whiskers and a worm and yep there it is a CATFISH


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                            Da Vols, if you're talking about the tilting chassis, which I think you are. The answer would be yes.

                            And I agree, it does look a bit like a fish mouth. But, if you think it looks like a Bass. Then you obviously have never seen the Zagato bodied DB7s.


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                              Floating motor pod and all, Bruce.