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  • SCX Racing This Weekend

    A few guys in the club came over Saturday evening for racing, and despite a distinct lack of enthusiasm for SCX cars, I was able to talk them into racing a little SCX.

    We broke out the new Aston Martin, the Seat Cupras, the Ferrari 360, and the Ferrari 550. Then I turned the voltage up to 14 (we usually run at 12), and flipped off the lights for some night-time racing. pretty soon everybody was laughing and carrying on about how great these cars were with the right voltage. Nobody cared about whether we could run them on the wood track with the Scalextric or Slot.It cars. The cars ran great, and looked as good as any cars made by the other guys.

    We'll be doing a lot more of that, I guarantee it.

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    Don't forget the older AWD rally cars, they also like higher voltage, but make for some of the closest, most fun racing there is!


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      Pete, I'm guessing that we'll eventually get to it, but for now I'm just trying to convince the guys that SCX cars are worth it at all. They're not a rally crowd, and they even had a hard time bringing themselves to buy these four beauties. They just don't like SCX cars, so until I can get 'em thoroughly hooked on SCX cars, I'm betting rally isn't even a possiblity.

      In fact, we're having a hard time keeping up with the releases of the cars that we've been waiting for, let alone the stuff that we're even mildly interested in.

      But I've seen and run SCX no-mag rally cars, and they're good fun.


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        Maybe after the X-games, it will become more popular? Also, Travis Pastrana is now leading the US championship!


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          Bummer. Ran the Aston last night, and one headlight went out. Car's never been wrecked, only had about one hour track time. We're seeing this repeatedly with SCX.


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            My Aston Martin DBR9 has been given an RX-62C motor, and the usual Slot.It treatment (gears, axles, wheels), so now it keeps up with the RTR GT types like the Carrera C6R (stock gears, wheels, axles). I did have to bend the headlight leads to clear the Slot.It zero-grip front tires, but they still be shinin' bright!

            The SCX cars handle well, and take kindly to motor upgrades. Mine has fierce brakes, even geared in the two's. I have no complaints.


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              Cars lights


              Maybe. your problem with the light should be easily fixed.
              It is possible that the motor contact guide inside the car doesn't have a proper contact with the lighting system contact guide due to an strike or something.
              If you open the car, you can make sure that the contact guides are properly aligned.


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                I appreciate the attempt, Harpo. Unfortunately, if one of the lighting leads wasn't making contact, then neither light should come on. I'm afraid the problem is on the circuit board itself -- either the LED has burned up, or the voltage regulator controlling the voltage is having a problem, and it's just a matter of time before the other headlight fries.

                Hey Bookie, do you have an extra light board for the Aston Martin?


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                  Absolutely right, at 14v these are very good runners. Usually run on 12v and turned it up to 14v and it really made a difference, thanks.



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                    SCX motors really like tall gearing, much like Nincos. One more tooth on the pinion will really wake up the stock motors.


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                      how many distributors are in the U.S for scx slot car. cuz they need to know how there product is doing i my self like the scx cars i ahave the scx audi tt dtm cars and they are awsome.


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                        Kurt - I've read around that the light failures come from running higher than 12V - don't know if it's true, just what I've read??? However, as mentioned, they do come "alive" at 14V.

                        I know you like running your cars "box-stock" - however, if you've got some "poster putty" on hand, put some along the side of the motor/chassis - this'll dampen the floating somewhat and give even better handling.

                        Having Fun - Da Vols


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                          Actually, I believe it's the stock Scalextric walwarts that put out about 16v that make them pop. I think the stock SCX power is about 14v?

                          On the pods, I have found a strip of electrical tape across the bottom toward the front of the pod works well, but this depends on the amount of grip you have. The new WTCC cars with the 4 post pods don't need anything.


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                            I picked up some older SCX 4WDs (Lancer and Skoda) and broke in the motors for a few hours at about 6V. They're not gonna set any land speed records, but the cars are an absolute blast to drive and a much different experience than your traditional 2wd slot cars. My daughter and I like nerfing each other in the turns.

                            These cars had the old style SCX lights which are usless, so I took them out to reduce the weight. Pretty much eliminated the problem with blown lights...


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                              The old ones don't blow, but aren't very bright either.