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Is this what SCX has become?

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  • Is this what SCX has become?

    Came across this video on YouTube.

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    Another. Seems like they are going backwards.



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      I spoke to Bryan recently and he mentioned that he came across a haul of "old stock" (he even said in the video that these sets are from 2001) from somewhere and it's just him selling it to make some cash (not even sure he even works for SCX anymore).

      This has nothing to do w/ what SCX is currently doing w/ the new universal track system.

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        I'm a Carrera guy, but that Lemans set with WIRELESS CONTROLLERS for $89 looks like a steal.


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          For sure those are both old SCX sets - not even sure why this item is in the SCX Digital sub-forum - but whatever their origin, for the cost including shipping they look like a great deal to me! You couldn't even buy a pair of new cars for that price, most places, never mind all the other stuff.

          Am I right in thinking the track is compatible with Scalextric Classic? Would be some cheap track, if that's the case.

          And of course, for the Chaparral 2E GT fans, there's also this here bargain.

          As to where the company is at in the current market, well, our hobby isn't in the best of shape at present and it's hard to tell where things are going. Hopefully, onward and upward ...


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            Yes, the track is most likely the version with the round snap connectors.


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              Yeah you can see that is the old analog "spoons" or loops that are compatible with Horny Scalextric Classic and vie an adapter with Sport. I measured a few and the slot is sometimes .1 mm deep than the classic track I have but that could be from wear and tear.


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                Just got back into the hobby after a long hiatus after I picked up a good haul of cars from a thrift store. Bought a SCX C4 track set off fleabay and it appears SCX has more or less gone the way of the dodo?


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                  It's a sad time for scx. I have a lot of new scx digital and scx wos cars for sale. Contact me at [email protected] if anyone wants to keep scx digital going.
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