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  • Need WOS help

    Hi all,

    Two of the controllers won't connect to the power base. They just blink yellow but won't link to a car or the power base. When I switch frequencies on the base all four controllers loose connection until I put it back to the original frequency then the two original controllers work but I still can't get the other two to connect.

    Any ideas?

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    With the power base off, what positions are the yellow blinking colors of the unresponsive controllers at; 1 & 2, respectively? If so, these should be able to control the two cars assigned to the other two controllers. Something easy to verify. If that is indeed the case, you'll need to delink those cars firstly.

    At worst case, you may need to delink all four controllers, and restart the initial linking process from scratch again.

    Hope this info helps!


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      We cleared the ID on all cars but got no where. We'll give it another go and see what happens.
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