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New SCX Throttle Control as Promised

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  • New SCX Throttle Control as Promised

    Hello SCX race fans! As promised when I posted about the SCS Wireless system for SCX I scoured the web to find somebody "who knows what they are doing" to make an affordable QUALITY control gun for SCX.... It has arrived now and has been tested so here is my report on that!

    I ended up emailing quite a few manufacturers of aftermarket controllers asking them if they would be willing to make a good QUALITY controller for the SCX brand and TRUSPEED CONTROLLERS emailed me back saying that they were willing to make one for us!

    It is exactly like the stock SCX one only of HIGH QUALITY in every way especially in it's internal components even down to the lane button which pushes absolutely smoothly without clicking or ticking....There is no rewiring or monkeying around to do with anything as it is a complete plug and play control prewired for SCX...Just plug it in and start racing......

    The trigger pulls totally straight and there is no scratching or anything felt at all when you pull it back! The only thing you feel is the tension of the return spring and this tension is adjustable too although how Steve set it from the factory was just fine for me. The trigger is comfortable and the control feels nice in your hand. I even had to change the way I pull the trigger as with the SCX triggers I would push it from the side or top corner to get the contacts to work better on the wiper board...Forget all of that now Just squeeze it need to mokey around with this one to get it to work properly!

    The case just like the whole thing is totally SOLID and well built and the plugin cord is of a thicker robust size wire which looks like it'll last forever!

    TRUSPEED also assured me that every part on the controller is stocked and available should anybody ever need to make repairs...You don't have to throw the whole thing out and buy a new one just because of something wearing out...Say if you want a new spring or wiper contacts etc! You can even order SPARE parts if you want to have some on hand! It always seemed spare parts with the SCX controller weren't so easy to get and the internals of the SCX controller were of quite poor quality to start with so this is a breath of fresh air! To me there is nothing better than some thing made of QUALITY and readily available SPARE PARTS!

    Here are a few pictures of it!
    Any questions on the contoller, ordering and pricing can be obtained

    You certainly can see the differance "Quality" makes both in looking at it and in operation!

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    Excellent news! TruSpeed has been providing controllers for SSD for a while, and they've learned a thing or two in the process. SCX users have the benefit of all that development, as Steve has made one for you guys based on the latest SSD controller. FANTASTIC!
    The wiper board will need a clean, occasionally, so what I've done is take it apart and leave out that top PCB panel. There will be an opening that is generous enough to get a Q-tip with cleaner to the wiper board, which is on the inside, and not accessible from outside the controller otherwise.

    It's good stuff, and well worth upgrading to for anyone wanting a better controller, but not needing the bells and whistles of the controller.


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      This is excellent news.


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        I've tried the Truspeed controllers on SSD and they are indeed very smooth. Nice to see them making it for SCX-D.

        The price will probably be the same as the SSD versions which I think would run about $75 per controller. Still kind of expensive but definitely more affordable over the Slot-It SCP-1 (and it probably will have a more accurate power curve for SCX-D).

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          Be sure to ask Steve about discounts on buying multiple controllers. There was a BIG savings when I group bought controllers for our club. A couple for me, a couple for another guy, and singles for the rest of the guys... sum total wasn't cheap, but per controller was a significant savings.


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            MrFlip - Agree !!

            I'm definitely in - our order would be "at least" 6. We still enjoy our current floor setup, but the controller issues have diminished our recent racing activity. An immediate buy for us..... Thanks for sharing news !


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              Got an email into Truspeed to get pricing and shipping. These controllers look very good, can't wait to get one.


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                I'm just thinking, would it be possible to have an option for:

                1. The back button to be tac-tile (or just anything that clicks when pressed because for some reason, I kinda prefer that).

                2. The back button to be as large as the original SCX controllers (so you don't miss pressing it during those high-adrenalin moments of the race).

                Thanks again, beerzman! Wonderful job.


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                  I never take my thumb off of said button and I probably wouldn't with this controller.Looks like a good upgrade from stock and after the Slot-it Scp failed to cut the mustard,I hope this baby will work well.


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                    That's very good news Beerzman another very good option to get rid of the standard controllers.

                    I 've already contact the vendor in order to get the pricing details.

                    Thanks a lot for the scouting


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                      Are the two halves of the controller shell glued together or screwed together. To me this is important as the factory controllers can at least be disassembled to be repaired if needed. Certainly these appear to be better and hopefully require less (or no) repairs, but just thinking ahead...



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                        Looking at the picture, it appears there are 2 screws at the top, one behind the spring, one below the circuit board and then 2 at the bottom of the handle.

                        I agree with Thumpa, my thumb is always resting on the button.


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                          Got a note back from Steve at TruSpeed. He said he hopes to be in production by the end of April. He did say the price will be lower than the SSD version and he will add the SCXD info to the website when he has stock. He mentioned offering discounts for 2,4, 6 controllers of 10, 15, 20% respectively, not sure whether that is off controller price and or shipping. Currently shipping to US is 12 pounds.


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                            Without muddying the waters too much, expect another solution shortly. A US-based solution.


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                              Also had a reply from TruSpeed. Prompt reply - hope they are able to build stock levels for shipment to USA. I'm excited we may have an option, finally !! SCX-D lives on.... !