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SCX WOS Full Fuel Control "Unboxing" video

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  • SCX WOS Full Fuel Control "Unboxing" video

    Just got my Full Fuel Control set (fast shipping from Tower Hobbies!) and decided to do an unboxing. This is unedited, from opening the box to playing with the cars on the completed layout and figuring out how racing works. This is NOT an exhaustive review, but it should give a pretty good impression of what it's like to take delivery of this set and get to racing on it from start to finish.


    [ame=""]SCX WOS Full Fuel Control "Unboxing" - YouTube[/ame]

    Comments and questions welcome, though I'm sure many of them have already been asked and answered by others (thanks, Drac!). I'll be posting my likes and dislikes later, after I've played with it a bit more.

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    Real men never read the instructions, right?

    That was great, can't believe you did the whole thing in one unedited take.

    Obviously the set isn't perfect out of the box, but pretty decent all in all. Once the owner comes to grips with the mechanical and electronic aspects, should provide hours of fun.


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      Deja vue

      Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
      I'll be posting my likes and dislikes later, after I've played with it a bit more.
      Hey, just reviewed your video (I looked when you first posted). Wondering if you have thoroughly tested the system/set and have some insight for us.

      Did the Aston improve? or was one controller wonky? Did you get the ghost car to stay on the track?

      Did starting, timing, refueling during a race ever become a logical process?

      Anything that really distinguishes this system? Good or bad?


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        Thanks for the reminder to write that up... err... JWEBDRD? Is there a name I can use other than that?

        Anyway, I haven't had the track out since I put it away after the video, because I didn't have anywhere to put it, and didn't want to do the floor again. But, I got an idea from a friend and decided to make dual use of my SSD track in the garage. A few scrap wood pillars strategically placed, and a few pieces of wood laid on top of them, and I've got a 4x12 area to put things on. So, I put the WOS track on it, and have been playing more.

        I'll definitely spend some time today playing and taking notes. I've got a race tonight, so if it takes too long, I'll finish up and post it all tomorrow.

        Some pics of what I did:
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          SCX WOS

          Background: I love slot cars in general. I had them when I was a kid, and got back into them again as an adult with my kids. We discovered digital slots together, and went with the Scalextric Digital system and have enjoyed it for many years now. Although SSD is my favorite, I have used most all of the digital slot racing systems, and own more than just SSD. I also have Carrera Digital, Scorpius, oXigen, and now the SCX WOS digital system. I've used SCXD in the past, before getting this set. I am also quite well read in digital slot car systems in general. I say all that to ensure that readers understand that when I say that I don't like a particular thing/feature about a set or system, it's not ignorant brand bashing, it's based on knowledge and experience. It also does NOT mean that I "hate" the whole system. I feel strongly that ALL digital systems have good points and bad points, and that there is currently no "perfect" digital system... yet.

          The following is a mix of personal opinion and fact. If you disagree with something, just say to yourself that it's my opinion, which may differ from yours, and move on. If you agree with it, then it's fact. ;-) Also, this may be long, but it probably doesn't cover EVERYTHING. I'm happy to answer specific questions about anything I left out, of course. I also did my best not to compare it to other systems, which is hard for me.

          So, want to know what I think of SCX WOS? Let's get to it.

          Things I LIKE
          • Cars
            • I like how SCX cars have motor pods. This means that non-mag performance is usually pretty good without much tweaking. After taking the magnet out of one of the cars, this was proven to be true.
            • Headlights and working brake lights. It's cool that you can turn the headlights on or off at the press of a button on the controllers. The brake lights are always active, but that is how it should be.
            • The digital chip having a switch to put it in analog mode is pretty nice. I did this to make it easier to clean the tires with a solvent cleaner (ScaleAuto tire cleaner) as well as race them on an analog track last night.
            • Independant front wheels are helpful for performance and reduces oversteer that can result from too much traction with a wheel that can't rotate as fast as the opposing wheel.

          • Controllers
            • They're wireless... that's always nice.
            • I love how everything can be managed via the controller. It's really nice to be able to set the max speed level, braking level, and fuel level on the controller. Even turning the headlights on and off, and turning on the motor sounds (and especially off) is convenient.
            • Built in battery and easy charging via the included mico USB connector or any similar connector. These days, everyone will have a dozen compatible cables/chargers around the house.
            • Kids will probably LOVE the engine revving sounds
            • Decent ergonomics. They do not bother me to use, though I haven't done any especially long races yet.

          • Track
            • The texture provides fairly good grip, even for stock tires and no traction magnets.
            • The flexibility of the plastic allows users to abuse a piece of track without it completely breaking.
            • The set came with borders and barriers, which is nice to have.
            • The track goes together and pulls apart without any tricky mechanisms to work or install.
            • It just plain looks nice. The gray color is more realistic than the pitch black most other systems use, and the burgundy and gray borders and barriers look good with the track. This is the aesthetic that attracts a lot of people to the SCXD/WOS system.
            • Lane changers are less expensive than other systems, because there are no electronics or solenoids, those being inside the car instead.
            • Due to the way lane changing works, it doesn't matter if the lane changer is right after a turn and the car is sliding all over the place.

          • Racing
            • Races can be run with and without fuel simulation.
            • Fuel simulation races include fuel load simulation, so that the car gets more power as its tank depletes.
            • Being able to choose three levels of racing by pressing one button. Simple, once you know how to do it.
            • Starting the race when everyone is ready and presses their Lights/LC buttons is nice. No one will be taken by surprise when the race starts, and no one has to take a hand off their controller or their eyes off their car to start the race.
            • Ghost cars are simple. Any car on the track without a paired controller becomes a ghost to race against. With random lane changing, and no need to refuel, ghosts can be a challenge to beat due to having to avoid getting crashed off at a lane changer, and having to refuel when the ghost does not.

          • Other
            • The Bower Base has only two buttons. Power, and function.
            • The Power Base has a USB A port to charge controllers with, as well as a USB micro port to allow firmware updates in the field, according to the instruction book.

          Things that can improve
          • Cars
            • The independant front wheels are difficult, if not impossible to true. The nature of the digital chip prevents a resolution for this issue, though wheels and stub axles with a tighter tolerance might be helpful, or wheels that can be mounted to a normal axle to allow truing of the wheels/tires.
            • The SCX motor is notorious for getting faster as it warms up. This means that cars will perform differently not only from the beginning of a race to the end, but also between races as the motor cools and warms up.
            • Due to the nature of the lane changing mechanism, the exceptionally large and complex chip makes digitizing other brands, and even many older SCX brand cars, prohibitively challenging. Unfortunately, there is no viable solution for this issue.

          • Controllers
            • The controller always reverts to default settings when it is turned off and then back on. It always goes to full fuel and speed, and 3/5 brake power, and headlights off. If they could remember their last settings, and maybe have a button hold while turning them on to reset to defaults, that would be better.
            • Parents (and hobbyist racers) will probably HATE the engine revving sounds. I might like them better if the revving sound was tied more closely to the level of throttle rather than just a looping sound of an engine changing gears that resets to the beginning every time you let the throttle go to zero.
            • There were several times while practicing and racing that it seemed that the controller lost its connection to the base/car, and allowed the car to run off the end of the track at full speed. I know this was not just braking too late, as the car literally drove up and launched off the barrier at full speed.
            • I think the ergonomics could improve a little bit for larger hands, but it's hard to make a controller that fits ALL hands well, especially since it must fit SMALL hands the best.

          • Track
            • The alignment tabs on the bottom of the track are too precise at first. Even on a hard, flat surface, not all pieces will slide together easily. It's often necessary to lift the join so that the tabs will slide into the pockets properly, allowing the pieces to come completely together and lock. This could be fixed with a more generous taper to the leading edge of the tabs so that they more readily slide into the pockets.
            • Too bumpy. Mine is pretty much brand new, and it's already making cars look like they're running through the whoop-de-doos on a BMX circuit. Stiffening the plastic used is probably the only solution.
            • Too flexible. After only having been in a crate for a couple months, the track (all on their sides to avoid warping) pieces had warped anyway, making it challenging to get the pieces together. Stiffening the plastic used is probably the only solution.
            • The borders are too narrow. If a car slides much at all, it's likely to try to ride up the barrier and come out. While this is great to discourage people from riding the wall, it can give additional advantage to the inside lane, which is already the shorter lane to race in.
            • The track lacks any secure locking mechanism, and may tend to pop apart when installed in high tension layouts, such as unsupported bridges, or especially sudden changes in gradient.

          • Racing
            • Fuel load simulation is a bit coarse. I knew very clearly when the car got more power as the fuel dropped to 3/5 of a tank. I prefer a smoother transition, but that might not be possible if the system is only able to use the granularity of the settings the controller has (1-5) for anything.
            • Not being able to start the race from the Power Base or other means is inconvenient when the race is being controlled by someone other than the racers themselves. Having some option to start the race regardless of the readiness of the procrastinators and chit-chatters would be nice. Hopefully the app will enable such a thing.
            • Ghost car driving right through the pit lane, forcing me out. With fuel stops being the only thing keeping me from winning against a ghost car, it's disappointing that there's no way to prvent this. Maybe the app will have something that can help?
            • Ghost car randomly stopping while racing. I can't explain it. Sometimes it seems to happen because I crash, and other times it's all on its own. It did let me catch up a few times, but I also ran into the back of the ghost several times when it would stop dead for no reason. Unless it stopped on a flipper, it would continue on a second or two later.
            • The 3 lights on the Power Base are just not sufficient for proper racing. With no way to see lap times, or position, or anything helpful, it's just not any fun for me. Of course, this will improve greatly when the mobile device app is released and you can use a phone or tablet to run and manage races. Until then, though, and since none of the SCXD accessories work with WOS, it's limited to a "stay on longest" game where the winner is a surprise at the end.

          • Other
            • In spite of the multicolored LEDs in the Power Base to indicate things, it's the least intuitive system I've ever used. I'm sure this will change when the app is released, though. Hopefully they're working hard to make it a full featured race management system.

          Overall Impression: Based on my past experience with SCXD, I think it's an improvement overall, especially once the app comes out. A lot of the quirks of the original system are still there, but several have been alleviated by swapping out the magnetic reed switch for an IR LED and going wireless. The controller feel is similar, but the advantages afforded by the wireless controller greatly outweigh the issues of the older controller. It's only too bad that so little from SCXD can be used with WOS, and that changing to WOS is almost as costly as changing to an entirely different system.
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