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Converting Old SCXD Cars to WOS

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  • Converting Old SCXD Cars to WOS

    I had some questions about converting old SCXD cars to WOS. I wanted answers before I started buying parts, so I knew what exactly to buy right away. I sent the questions to both [email protected] and Jimm Ford. So far only Jimm has responded. I thought Jimm's answers were very helpful, and may help others that want to covert cars later. Here they are.

    "I just bought the new WOS system and like it so far. I want to convert a few of my old version 2 SCXD cars to WOS. I have some YES/NO questions I hope you can answer. I'm having trouble understanding what is mandatory for converting cars, and what is optional, but recommended.


    1. You must replace the chip with a WOS chip, and drill a hole in chassis for the light sensor. YES/NO (obviously yes)

    Answer: Yes, Replace chip and drill hole

    Optional, but recommended:

    1. You do not have to replace the guide. The old V2 guide will work. The new guide is better, and it is recommended, but not required YES/NO?

    Answer: No. You are correct, not required. We run all of our WOS cars with V2 Guide. Recommended as it is a better performing Guide. As stock of the guides becomes available I will be selling these guides as V2 replacement guides.

    2. You do not need to replace the old motors. The old RX42 and RX42b motors will work once the chip has been replaced. They may perform worse than the new RK42 motors and draw more amps, but they will work. YES/NO

    Answer: Yes and No. Okay to keep RX42. Replace RX42B motors with WOS chip or face high chip failure rate due to current draw through the chip. The RK42 motors were designed to give higher performance and prevent chip burn out due to motor.

    3. I will likely want to replace all my old RX motors eventually. Will the new RK42 motors fit into the old mounts? YES/NO?"

    Answer: No. The RK42 takes an SCX short can motor mount. Additional things to consider:
    - a 70008 (4 pin for 911, FXX, Vantage and others) is now available for the RK42
    - Some cars will need to have the tab on the bottom of the cockpit trimmed, because the RK42 motor is slightly taller and the bodies do not properly screw down (Corvette is good example).

    Additional Answers to unasked questions:
    - Will head and tail lights work on WOS chips.
    -- Yes for most cars
    -- No for some analog cars made during the transition period in which there was a WOS equivalent (e.g. Black Corvette) and analog cars that do not covert with lights to digital like the DBR Hexis.


    Based on these answers I bought a couple chips to covert a couple of my favorite SCXD cars (Peugeot LMP and Ferrari FXX). I'll probably convert more after I test these two.

    Many thanks to Jimm for his quick and detailed answers.

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    SCXD chips to WOS

    Just put new WOS chips into 3 of my SCXD cars. All 3 have the RX42 motor. 2 out of 3 are smoking out the front end of the motor when tested with the bodies off.

    Need some advice.



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      Use RK 42 Motor.