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Scx wos track question

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  • Scx wos track question

    Can the scx wos track be used with scalextric track with some kind of adapter?

    Thanks Joeypm

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    theoretically yes. if i had access to ultra cheap track of another brand i know i could find a way to use it. scx lane change pins need a lot of depth to the slot when it is actuated but i don't know how much deeper a scx guide is to scalextrics. i am guessing they are pretty similar. there is a post about trying to do what you want to do. i his photo album he has a track w/ scx dig and scalextrics.

    there is this old converter piece. this might work too. CONVERTER TRACK (2) REF: A10015X200
    "SCX Accessory to join the old SCX circuit black tracks to current tracks.For original or analog system."
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      You'd need two sets of adapters every time you go to/from SCXD/WOS to Scalextric Sport, and only one set if going to Scalextric Classic (which is the same as the old SCX analog).

      What kind of connectors are on your Scalextric track? Do they look like lollipops, or one square tab and one rounded tab? If the former, then just the SCXD/universal to SCX Analog/original is all you need. If the latter, then you'll need the Scalextric Sport to classic adapter as well.