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  • bad wos lh lead in

    11.30.16 I moved my pit lane exit back another strait section and then added that strait back in b/w the pit entrance/exit to make a longer pit lane. cars still dive into the pit lane at will. this should be expected since I did not move my pit lane lead in. I elevated some track on rc monster trk tires and pill bottles. this was 2 wks ago. I am noticing how plyable a track piece is side to side. the elevated pieces were strait as a board when 1st elevated. now pieces not supported properly/equally side to side show some twisting. maybe that is what happened to my pit lane lead in. swap in a new piece and in a wk or 2 then have lc problems on that piece b/c the table top is not monolithic. maybe the tapered sections of lead ins succumb to twisting/torque forces even easier leading to lc problems.

    11.28.16 i moved my pit lane back about 4 strait pieces (had to drastically shorten my pit). this seems to have fixed the lc problem with the lead in. i'll post up in a couple weeks. still can't say for sure what the problem is. i am guessing when you straddle 2 pieces on end like a pit lane lead in does plus have a undulating track support surface it is just too much twisting/torqueing on the lead in piece and the flipper just doesn't flip even when the car lc pin is extended and rams it. i can hear it hitting the flipper and 'click' over the flipper trigger. seems fixed now. can dive into pit row at will. now have to rearrange my track to get the pit lane longer again.

    11.27.16 the below proved false over the last week of play. my shoddy table construction might be causing the problem. i tried a new x-over piece and still have the problem. i shortened the pit lane by 1 piece but still have unreliable lead in change to pit lane. works if you are going slow but not fast.

    11.22.16 my unscientific observation is that the lh lead in to the pit lane with full fuel kits are erratic in reliability. i bought 2 new ones and swapped out my pit lane entrance. problem solved. previous to this purchase, i used 2 full fuel kit lead ins with sketchy results. you end up fuming during play time as to why u can't dive into pit lane as needed {is it the car(s); is it the lead in; is it the upstream track pieces(s)?}. yes i loosened the screws on the back of the lc cover(s). yes i fiddled with the up stream track piece(s). for a little bit of $$ my play time and my kids' frustration w/ our awesome huge slot track went away. i'll post up a couple wks later with a follow up.
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