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  • wireless controller 'channels'

    How do you get 6 cars on 6 separate controllers? I still haven't figured this out. I have 6 controllers but some seem to have the same 'signal' so even though I program each controller to a separate car, I still have multiple cars reacting to the same controller. In r/c cars, each controller has a different crystal FM signal. Or the 2.4 Ghz technology hops signal bands. Can anyone give me some rock solid advice.
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    I link my 6 controllers and 6 cars in one sweep. While the power base is in connecting mode (flashes blue), I link the 1st controller to the 1st car. When it's done, I immediately put the 1st controller down (make sure power is on) and replace 1st car with the 2nd car on the track. I then link 2nd controller to the 2nd car. When done, put 2nd controller down (with power on) and replace 2nd car with the 3rd car on the track. Follow the same procedure until you're done with all 6 cars and controllers. I numbered my controllers and cars to know which ones are linked together.

    I think the trick is making sure the power is on on the previous controllers you linked. This enables further linking not to mess up with the previous ones you already did.


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      The base unit really is easy to use, once you understand how it works, if you don't, it can look very confusing.

      Controllers and Cars are programed in different ways.

      Remotes must be TURNED ON while pressing the light button, to get them into program mode.
      This also clears whatever "channel" they are programed too.

      What I do, if I have to program a full set of 6.

      1. Pull all cars off the track. To keep it simple, Cars should NOT be on the track while you are programing the remotes.
      2. Number the remotes, with the stickers that come in the set.
      3. Turn all 6 remotes OFF. (or however many you have)
      4. Turn all 6 remotes on in PROGRAM MODE (holding the light button).
      5. Go into program mode on the base unit (Blue Flashing Lights)
      6. Press the lane button on remote 1 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)
      7. Press the lane button on remote 2 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)
      8. Press the lane button on remote 3 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)
      9. Press the lane button on remote 4 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)
      10. Press the lane button on remote 5 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)
      11. Press the lane button on remote 6 and wait a couple seconds for it to take a channel (green lights)

      All 6 remotes should now be programed, take the base unit out of program mode.
      The trick is to make sure you do this fairly quickly, or the base unit will turn off and time out, it only stays in blinky blue light mode for a short time without any input.

      The base unit can only program 6 remotes, no more, not even more than one on the same channel. Once you program the remotes, you should NEVER have to ever do it again, unless you need to replace a broken remote or base unit or something.
      Once a controller is programed to a base unit, it will ONLY work with THAT base unit, and must be programed into another base unit if you wish to use it at someone else's track or something, and then programed again when you get back to your track.

      While programing remotes they should ALL be on, each time you press a lane button on the remote that remote will be programed to the next unused remote slot. So if the only remote that is ON is the one you are programing, it will always program to slot 1, even if you have another remote on 1 that is powered off. If you have remote 1, 3, and 4 on... and try to program a remote, it will program to channel 2.

      Once you have the remotes programed, you can then program cars. You cannot program a car to channel 6, unless you have a lane button to press on a remote programed to channel 6.

      With Cars, the car's chip itself remembers a number 1 to 6 for what controller it is programed too, or 0 for none.
      Once a car is programed on a channel, it will work on any track/base unit, on that same channel.

      1. Put the base unit in program mode, flashy blue lights.
      2. Put all cars you want to run on controller 1 on the track.
      3. Press the lane button on controller 1.
      4. Lift up each car and place it back on the track.
      5. Remove those cars from the track.
      6. Place ALL your cars that you want to run on controller 2 on the track.
      7. Press the lane button on controller 2.
      8. Lift up each car and place it back on the track.
      9. Remove those cars from the track.
      Same with the rest of the controllers.
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        Drac's above procedure works. I did steps 1-11 and the remote's top led's then lite up for the 'channel' that was assigned to that controller.

        to program the cars i then did: leave all remotes on. put a car(s) on the track u want to link to a remote. turn off that remote. put the powerbase in blinking blue led mode. turn on that remote holding in the lite/sound button. push the lane change button. the car(s) will scoot ahead and flash it's lites. now they are linked. let the power base time out of the blinking blue led mode. remove that car(s) from the track. now repeat the above step for each car(s) and remote until all the controllers have been linked up to the desired car(s)

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        the above is not recommended. but i still don't get how to do all these steps b-4 the blinky blue led mode times out.

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        i reprogrammed the remotes and cars for a portable track set up at an inlaws for Christmas. I basically did steps 1-11. then i took controller 1 and put the car I wanted on that controller on the track and then pushed the LC button. I then took that car off and repeated for controller 2 all the way thru 6 controllers. the power base always stayed in blinky blue mode and never timed out of it.
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          You do not, and should not, turn off the remotes to program the cars.
          You just need to press the correct lane change button on the correct remote.
          This part of the programing works just like old SCX Digital.

          If you turn them back on holding the light sound button, you are unprograming-and-reprograming that remote again.

          Once the remotes are programed you never have to do it again, unless you swap out a broken remote or something.