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No fuel function on WOS PowerBase

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  • No fuel function on WOS PowerBase


    Im testing different situations with my wos full fuel package because I want to use the new wos system for my scx digital race events.

    But now Ive found that the fuel function is no longer present in my powerbase.

    To configure a race with fuel function I normally do the following steps
    1. start the powerbase (pb)
    2. press "select" for configuring the race length (1, 2 or 3 yellow leds or 3 flashing yellow leds)
    3. then press select for more than 2 sec to switch to purple leds
    4. configure fuelling with 1, 2 or 3 purple leds
    5. start race

    I never come to step 3 anymore. When pressing the select button long with yellow leds nothing happens. Pressing the select butto short with for example 1 yellow led just gives me the second yellow led.
    No chance to come to purple leds.
    All other functions are well.

    I flashed all the firmware files (3.71, 3.73 and 3.96) again and tested with each firmware but nothing changed.

    What am I doing wrong or is my pb defect.

    Any hints from the wos experts here?


    Regards from Germany

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    Is the power base plugged into an ipad with the app up? Or are you talking just using the PB stand alone with the new firmware?


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      If you cannot get to the RED LED lights for FUEL TANK SIZE.
      Then the base unit is not detecting the pit lane being connected to your base unit track, so it is automatically setting it to unlimited and not letting you change it.

      Make sure the pit entrance and exit are connected, as well as the Y tracks so the "negative" wire has power. If this is the case take it apart and put it back together... unplug it and plug it back in.

      So if you are testing without the pit lane attached, this is why.


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        Originally posted by Draconious View Post
        .... as well as the Y tracks so the "negative" wire has power.
        This was the hint!

        My Y track for pit entrance had a defect. I changed it and everything works fine.

        Thanks a lot for your help, draconious!

        Regards from Germany