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Perfect track to race A.I.

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  • Perfect track to race A.I.

    I removed the magnet from the human car. This track is very hard to beat the computer. This track also takes advantage of the annoying stalling of the a.i. car during the race; the stalling caused by the computer trying to reconcile some lap times vs the ghost car lap times. The stalling provided the only opportunities to pass the ghost. The ghost did not deslot on the chicane or sliding curve. It was probably the most fun race I have had yet against a ghost car. It felt like racing another person.

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    ran the above track at a new year's party with 4 cars. it was really fun. everyone had a good time. fits good on the floor in a normal sized room.

    i might go with a ping pong table track if needed too. the ping pong track needs 3 r1 turns (12 pieces)

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