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APRIL FOOLS: Educa Abandons the WOS system, NEW Wireless System Coming: AF-DS

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  • APRIL FOOLS: Educa Abandons the WOS system, NEW Wireless System Coming: AF-DS

    OR WAS IT?!?!

    So, in recent news we know that Educa Boras, the company that owns SCX/Scalextric (Spain) has lost the rights to use SCX/Scalextric.
    Also, we know that the WOS app, pretty much sucks, but only because it was not finished.
    Also, it is obvious SCX Sales have not been so great...
    Educa, has also discovered that the code that was intended to run via the app, will not work reliably through the base unit's Audio style port.

    Educa has recently decided to abandon the current SCX WOS system, and will be releasing another new type of base unit system.
    This will also be done under a new product name, "AF-DS", what that means or what the new brand name will be is yet to be released.
    The new system will use a new car chip that is simply a 2.4ghz receiver and speed control hybrid commonly found in Radio Control cars.
    The remotes which will not be much different than the WOS remotes, will pair directly to the cars, just like RC cars.
    This means the slot track will basically be RC cars, that get power from the track, instead of batteries.
    This could allow at least 40+ cars to run on the track, although they will still be limiting the track sensors to 6 cars.
    This new chip will fit in V2 cars just like the WOS and SCX D chip, and will contain IR sensors for lap counting, pit stops, and will be programmable for compatibility on other brand track systems, as long as they are similar voltage.

    This new system will not be ready until January 2018.
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    And a happy April 1st to you ...


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      Hehe, and this is what people thought WOS would be.

      What a great day to be alive.

      On this first day of April.


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        Another new promise that won't materialize until next year. Splendid.

        How are the WOS supporters going to deal with this? Will the Boras boys be offering any of their WOS customers a trade-in now that they have seen what exactly they sold their customers?

        How many of you think this is something worth waiting for? Again...

        I'm so glad I switched to Carrera when I did.


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          I'm on my roof top, ready to jump. Tell me this is just April fools. I can't stay up here all day, my wife is calling me to come down to get things done today.


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            I dunno man... one can never be sure these days what's real or fake news.


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              Wouldn't the acronym AF-DS mean Another [email protected]&!?en Digital System?


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                Sounds like new controllers and a control unit. Maybe an app that works.

                On the plus side, maybe you can still use some of your track unless they redesign that too.

                Elm, I hope its a short jump. But come down from the roof. It's not worth it.


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                  Abandons Common Sence

                  OH"" a new Digital system, I'm glad I got out of Digital, this way i'm not tempted to spend a pile of money that on something that will be extinct or need add on's within the next year.


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                    AF-DS Refers to April Foods Day, Sucka! But I like Another Flipping Digital System too.

                    First time I ever bothered with doing something like this for AFDay... I was worried it may actually be believed, but the first reply ruined it about an hour after I posted it. The biggest clue would have been cross combatibility.. the rest was possibly true.

                    Also, there is always a chance of 3rd Party RC chips being made to fit the SCX chip slot.


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                      Drac, like SCX, has nothing better to do. ;-)

                      Seems more than likely to me. I don't doubt for a minute that the Boros team will end up dropping this altogether.

                      Or maybe they will hire a real app developer.

                      Hope on my friends.


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                        Yes, in a lull of work. Waiting for more progress on the custom WOS device for using PC Lap Counter, he fried the base unit I sent him, so I had to send another.


                        I've seen an increase in "new" WOS product available on ebay lately, things I cannot get from the US distributor, so product is still available.


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                          That's good. I finally came off my roof. Getting up there was easy, coming down took a little time. That was an April Fools joke, too.


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                            that's so funny my $3k 'investment' in scx wos is still serviceable debt. But i was scrolling down furiously! i will soon be converting a 'cuda to wos and will provide a write up just for fun. Getting out of r/c cars.