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  • Si-cw20

    Might have to wait on this one!!

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    Interesting image. I hope it is the perspective as the car looks more like a sprint body with a high tail. The Le Mans cars generally had the langcheck tail. This all changed with the introduction of the chicanes on the mulsanne straight in 1990 when the Brun team found the sprint tail more effective than the langcheck.


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      Looks a lot like this one: (962KH)


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        Tail will be LH.


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          I guess LH...Long Tail......


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            I hope it's a LH.



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              The LH tail on the previous Limited release is different from my posted pics :


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                It will be long tail.
                Slotit, when they make mistakes, which is rare, they are small and 'fessed up to right away. Thanks for clearing this up. thanks for clearing this up sascws90



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                  NP.....but there are images of the #17 car with a high tail?????


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                    I would not worry about this. I think it was just images mixed up. What might I ask was the source of the image for the first post? Please tell me it was not Sotit.

                    For the Mulsanne Porsche used computer modeling to predict use of the LH or long tailed car. For the rest of the series races the high tail or sprint configuration (KH) body work was used. All the googling at Racing Sportscars confirms the long tail raced at Le Mans and the KH elswhere.

                    I would be very surprised if Slotit produce the "wrong" ie KH style body for this car. It would simply be unlike Slotit.

                    Any idea how the images got mixed up? What threw me on the first post was the yellow C1 Le Mans class entry sticker above the fuel filler.

                    The subtle body differences for Le Mans make a huge difference to the cars performance. No surprise there. For example in the first year the 962 raced in 1985 the 962 was markedly slower than the older 956. This was attributed to Porsche only having the sprint style body work available for the 962. I think it was John Fitzpatricks second car.


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                      Porsche 962C 85 - #17 - Le Mans 1987 (winner) was chassis #006, which also raced the year before at Spa and Fuji with the "K" tail, but liveried as No. 2, and at Jarama and Silverstone, but only as a test car so it was liveried as No. 17T. Could be that the No. 17 car with the "K" tail is a different chassis.

             model will be LH tail, no guessing or hoping required .


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                        Agree Lego Pete and some advertisers of this car are showing the KH tail and claiming it is a manufacturers image. If this were to happen the model would be an interesting [email protected]!!!

                        hence the confusion, eg



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                          Nice car but it looks like they got the tail wrong again???????


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                            Here's the real one ...


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                              A tale of tails

                              I couldn't find a picture at first shot of the #17 car at Le Mans 1987, but if we assume all 3 cars #17 #18 and #19
                              Here is the #19 car at the race

                              And the model

                              I am no expert on these - file me under "rank ignoramous" - but that LOOKS like the same tail to me in both shots
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