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    Yup, you just gotta burn your own exhaust marks into the bodywork ...


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      Long Tail ...….Lower tail profile......Stunning car by no means!!!!
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        That blasted login issue !!!!!

        20 minutes writing a post - and it kicks my out again and deletes it....

        So the short version this time. - Sascws90 - that car you have pictured is a restoration, and unless you know for sure, it may not even be based on chassis #006 which was raced as car #17 at Le Mans in 1987

        Chassis #006 was in 1988 racing under Shell livery as car #17T

        It would seem strange that Porsche would have set up chassis #006 - (car 17 ) with a long tail in 1987, while setting up chassis #008 (car 18) and chassis #002 (car 19) with short tail for the same event
        Here is car 18 at Le Mans 1987, and like car 19, it has the short tail.

        And car 17 on test day

        The restoration in your picture shows the Le Mans 1987 driver list - but doesn't have the sponsor logos on the windscreen correct, so it certainly doesn't appear to be an accurate restoration.
        We don't even know for sure if it is based upon chassis #006 and the source of the body work.

        Do you know where is is housed, who owns it, and what the ID plate for it says?
        I would guess it might be in Porsche's own museum - but we can see clearly it is not accurate as per paint, so what else might be wrong.

        It certainly isn't housed in the Le Mans museum, as I photographed every vehicle there as at June 2017 and I've just had a squiz through my pics, and through those of the Louwman Museum in The Hague, which also houses a lot of that era tin.

        I don't "gotta be right" about this, but there certainly still seems to be a lot of doubt.

        This shot below proves little - except that at SOME point, chassis #006 raced as car 17 with the shorter LH tail. - and that this shot was probably taken at a French track given the 2VC in the background
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          Pic came from and is probably restored car. Your car 17 on test day tail end looks the same as the restored pics. Lower rear wing to me. All are nice cars but I would like the lower wing version like the restored pic.


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            I found one more pic that might help confirm if it (or possibly all of them) actually ran low wing

            The pics on the net of models usually show it as long low wing.
            Then I just had a brainstorm.

            DUH !!!!!
            I wandered out to the "warehouse" where I still have a few of these left - unopened, so I cracked one
            oooooh . . . . look low wing. Your research was right - fortunately the model looks to be right, I am a silly old codger

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              You rascal!


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                The question remains

                Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
                You rascal!

                why oh why oh why did I not read the start of the thread properly and just go to the shelves a week ago . . . . oh yeah I answered that already - I am a doddery old git.

                It actually looks okay, but personally I prefer the KH high tail cars myself.

                - My favourite Group C of all time is still the Stefan Bellof car he was killed in at Spa.

                A second before the crash
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                  Wing still to high like last car. Pretty Livery!!


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                    Looks about right to me

                    This shows the car in box with a shot of the actual car on race day above it.

                    Length and height of wing look correct to me


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                      Hi all.
                      Yes I think the tail is correct.
                      There are two 'long tail' types that we can make with the 962: the 'thin' and the 'thick' one.

                      The 'thin' one is the same type that was raced with all 956 'long tail'. In the later stages of development, Porsche moved to a 'thick' tail of the same length, like the one in the 'Shell' version below.

                      Actually, according to Porsche, long and short tail are exactly the same length: it's the height of the tail which changes. But, even internally, they are still referenced as 'kurz Heck' and 'lang Heck', i.e. KH and LH for short and long tail.


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                        Thank you -- a beautiful correct car!!

                        Yes, the KH and LH on the factory produced cars are the same length - they only differ in the height of the wing above the rear deck.

                        And the photos submitted from the actual event (as posted a few posts ago) show this to be the case...



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                          Fun run.............


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                            Thanks for clarifying and correcting

                            Thanks for clarifying and correcting the wings thing Maurizio.
                            I learned a lot about the rear wings.


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                              Cool video from our OP - wish I had a driveway like that!

                              Knowing how much research Maurizio & Co do to get things right, I would be surprised if they made errors these days with the liveries or the bodywork specifications.

                              Heck, they even get the detail on the Driver Helmet correct, even though most folks don't see it (except maybe when they pull the interior in order to replace it with a lexan one).


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                                Still in Awe!!

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