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    Livery "Fantasy"

    Here is my other example of a great Fantasy Livery....I prefer Slot-it, not only for the price but for the wide range of cars and parts. When I have built cars, it's always with Slot-it parts. The main stable of my Hobby is Slot-it!!!!!!


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      Yep. Sure would.

      I have been known buy white kits and to paint my own. And I would do it again!
      (You can't stop me!)

      Fantasy inserted here: NSR Audi white kit done by my son and I.

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        Without a doubt

        I don't see anything wrong with fantasy liveries , just as long as it is done well . Many of us might even have our own livery . Being creative is a good thing , in any hobby .



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          But you just can't beat a Slot-it no matter what Livery!!!


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            The answer for me is probably not. I'm tired of seeing Gulf colors on everything and Martini stickers everywhere and the black and gold on cars that weren't even around back in the day. If you are going to do a fantasy livery why not do a fantasy livery of the manufactures brand. I'd buy a orange, yellow and black "" fantasy livery in a heart beat. Especially if it was on the Mclaren F1 GTR. That would look wicked. Not to mention that companies could do a whole series of them with different livery schemes mimicking well known liveries but in company colors.

            I know Fly made some great self sponsored fantasy liveried cars and SCX did it a few too.