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  • Anglewinder help needed

    Decided to experiment with the new Slot-It "Flat" can in an anglewinder configuration - rather than assemble all the parts bit-by-bit, I bought the KK14 Offset flat anglewinder mount, the CH 35 anglewinder starter kit, and several spare anglewinder spur gears.

    It took a bit of fiddling but I found a combination of pinion and spur that allowed me to move the "gear side" wheel in far enough so that it does not extend beyond the body. Now I have turned my attention to the chassis part. I have figured out most of it - (an annotated parts diagram would be a nice addition - there is no information on the web site) but several bits have me puzzled:

    There are 4 front axle carriers, two with and two without guide extensions. I assume that the with/without combination is designed to allow more flexibility in the guide-to-front-axle spacing but why two of each? So far as I can see, they differ only in the width across the axle supports. (Perhaps to suit different wheels so they can be fitted without using washers for final spacing?)

    There is a little roughly triangular bit - I see where it goes - but what on earth does it do? - it does not seem to be applicable when using either the stock or the offset motor/axle mount.

    There are four small, square bits - very shallow boxes with one side removed and a little blip in the recess - application?

    Thanks in advance for any illumination.


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    Is this the thread you're looking for?

    Try this one:


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      Actually, I had seen that thread (found it just after I sorted the gears) I ended up using a short hub 32 t anglewinder gear and an 11 tooth pinion. The 32 t gear has the hub on the opposite side from the other angle winder gears and is larger in diameter. With a 0.020" spacer, this allowed me to move the pinion farther down the motor shaft and avoid interference between the pinion and the tire. I was a bit surprised at the smooth mesh. In theory an offset angle winder motor should have the comm end of the motor lower than the shaft end (the axle and the motor shaft should be co-planar which they are not as set up in the pod) guess it's more Slot-It magic.

      My questions were directed toward the "extra" bits that were supplied with the chassis.



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        Or is it these?

        Are they the bits in the second picture? If so, they are there to fill in the chassis if you don't use the anglewinder motor...