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    Okay - I'm about to purchase my first I have experience setting up NINCO and NSR's. My main question is about the wheel/tire sizes. I find this constantly confusing. I will likely be purchasing a 962 Porsche series. Where can I find info on the size of wheels/tires that come standard with the 962's. Are there any spec sheets that have this type of detail? I plan on replacing the front end with the independent rolling alloy hubs. What would be the equivalent of "15's" as we call them in NINCO parlance and the equivalent low profile zero grip tires. What is the size of the rear hubs and are they the same size all around (front and rear). What is the appropriate size rear tire for these hubs?

    I appreciate any help in the confusing world of hub/tire compatability from manufacturer to manufacturer.


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    Rob, if you click on the banner above, then select "Models", then on the car that interests you, you'll find something they call "Spare Part" at the bottom of the car depictions.

    Click on it, and you get something like this ...


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      The Slot-it cars come with either 15" or 17" rims, depending on model. The tires for the 15's are narrower, so if you are setting up to compete, then changeover to the larger. I am pretty sure that the 962's come with the smaller wheels/tires. Slot-it has a great teenie front tire that is like a thin rubber band on the 15's, not stock, of course. The smaller rears will lose out to those cars with the 17's since the available tires (Slot-its and others that fit) are wider. And if F1 hubs are legal on the rear, then make that switch and open the wheel wells for them if needed. Competition tires for the F1 hubs that have the advantage are Supertires 1425, or 1423. For long lasting tires, use the silicone supertires. For more traction, use the yellow dogs, but they will wear off the advantage after a few races.

      I have worked with those smaller 15" hubs and watched the newbies work with them. Forget about them, the width of available tires for the 17" rims or F1's dominate.


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        Yes - I've seen this helpful tool. So, if I understand it correctly, the rear hubs (PA17al) are aluminum 15's. But the front hubs (PA15) are plastic X. They are not cross referenced in the actual parts list anywhere (that I can find).
        So, while we generally run the same class of NINCO car on "17s", the slot.its run on "15s" (at least in the rear)?

        With respect to the tires is it safe to assume that the diagram above which says PT007 is really PT07 (the 19X10 zero grip slick)? Can I substitute the low profile 17X10 zero grip slick (PT15) on the same hub (or the aluminum equivalent)? Really can't make out the rear tire number on the web site (will break out the magnifying glass when I get home).

        Do people run 17s on the rear, or do they generally stick with the 15s (PA17)?



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          Hubs are here. There's also this Thread, you may find it useful.

          Paul Kassens at is a real knowledgeable guy when it comes to all the parts. I just bought some of the new narrow hub aluminium wheels there. If you get him on the phone ask if there are any of the 2006 Catalogues left, it's a reference I use all the time when I'm at home. Hope this helps.


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            The Porsche 956 and 962s have 15X8.2 wheels with 19X10 tires. The 20X12 tires will fit on those wheels as well. The F1 wheels are the 14.4X11.5 ones and the tires for those wheels are 20X12 with grooves in them. There are Supertires to fit the F1 wheels, but if you use them on any car the tires will stick out by a considerable amount, something that most clubs frown on. You can use the 17.3X8.2 wheels if you are having a problem with spur gears hanging up on Scalextric curbs.


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              Another quick reference guide

              I made this up, to get a handle on the parts myself.

              It is E&OE, so if anyone more knowledgable than me spots an error, please upload a corrected sheet, for all our benefits!

              Updated 22 Nov 2008
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                Nice SNZ

                good piece of primary reference there - I'll let other fly-spec. for accuracy - assuming all checks out this ought to be pinned!

                Good to see here you again - still modifying Vanquish MG's? Your advise was good - still have 4 NIB VMG's - awaiting diff. surgery and/or a future of running with OEM rear-ends...


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                  Brilliant Spread Sheet

                  Did I miss:

                  Should take same tires as the regular small hub.

                  Hope this helps.

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                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    What's the story behind these wheels?

                    I noticed them recently amongst the new items from, arriving soon at the store.

                    16.5 x 8 seems like an odd size, I'm wondering what they are made to fit, both the rtr cars and aftermarket tire sizes?


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                      It's late in the evening, and the weather is cold.

                      Bet you can not name that one.

                      Tyred right now but I am sure I can figure it out tomorrow.

                      Maurizio are you there?

                      Come on Paul figure out the song.
                      Alan Smith
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                        Wheels for the new F40? Inserts don't make much sense, though...


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                          I have a pair of them I am using for a Can Am project but I can't seem to find a tire that matches them. Anyone have a handle on that. The body is painted and the chassis is ready to go. I need some tires.


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                            A pair of what Rick?

                            The wheel Paul ( Wet ) shows is not out yet.

                            The other wheel I linked to at takes the SIPT03, or SIPT17,18 size tires. So any except Ferrari ( small ) fronts, zero grips ( will fit but no use if on rear of car )

                            So you can use the 19 x 10 or the 20 x 12, 20 x 11, 20.5 x 10.5 tires. You can not use the F1 tires as they require a smaller hub.

                            I would not use the SIPT18 as this is I believe designed for the Large Hub only.

                            Also once fitted to large hubs most of the tires will not then fit snug on a small hub and may require glue to stop from spinning. We use gasket glue RTV silicone, it works well but can easily be removed.

                            Hope this helps.
                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              I have a set of aluminum wheels that look exactly like those. Evidently they are a different width or diameter. The same insert came with them.