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my 87th slot it...

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  • my 87th slot it...

    Yup, just eyeing the new McLaren Loctite. wondering...hmmm looks nice but should i order 1 or 2. suggestions?

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    Well, we all gotta do our part for the economy ...


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      Yikes! You're a one-man economic stimulus program.



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        I subscribe to the one to show and one to GO philosophy.

        RickyBobby #26


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          87th??? 87???

          Hah. Amateur. *grin*


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            starter set

            or should i say 87 and counting?


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              Hah. Amateur.


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                i had almost that many FLY Vipers


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                  Originally posted by ElSecundo View Post
                  Hah. Amateur.
                  kurt - hahahahaha ..

                  my take on this is : it depends what you DO with your SlotIts

                  Collector - buy two (or six) .. they will only go up in value

                  Collector/Racer - buy two .. one to save and one to race

                  Racer - just buy one and then a 'white kit' to paint and race against it

                  Gift Giver - buy two (or six) .. everyone will want one

                  and remember that there are a few more coming .. soon .. the Sauber trio is a 'must have'!



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                    87th Slot.It

                    Buy them both. Can never have enough Slot.It cars.
                    By any chance do you know where I can purchase the limited edition sauber set?
                    I saw where they are due out soon. These are the silver 61, 62 and 63 cars.
                    Also heard that the Ferrari F40 Red and Totip cars are due out soon too.
                    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                    I've been a Fly guy for years and have several Ninco and Scalextrics along with the
                    new reverse polarity Carrera cars (Fun to run track in different direction), but I find
                    the Slot.It cars to be the very best out of the box cars. I have a fairly decent 77
                    foot, two- lane permanent Carrera track with Brent Carlson sensor tracks and the
                    Greg Braun Laptimer race management system.


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                      to SCI!

                      I see that 132Slotcar, and no doubt others, are accepting preorders for the Sauber set.


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                        McLarens & Saubers in 3's, Oh My!

                        The Slot.It Loctite McLaren has landed!

                        Shipping Wed from Scalextric USA is the Slot.It Locktite McLaren.

                        If you don't already have one on pre-order, then get your order in soon if you want one of these gorgeous cars! As with most Slot.It cars - they are likely to sell out soon!

                        So "stick" one of these in your collection or on your track!

                        SICA10C McLaren F1 GT-R, Loctite, LM 1998 - $54.99

                        Unstuck from some sticky production delays, the Slot.It Loctite McLaren's are here!

                        I'll be sticking to my shipping table tonight, shipping out pre-orders...

                        If you haven't pre-ordered one yet - get your order in quick - so you don't get stuck without one of these!

                        (so much for comedy - I better "stick" to my day job...)


                        COMING SOON - ACCETING PRE-ORDERS NOW:

                        SICW05 Mercedes Sauber C9's (3) LM 1989 - $179.99

                        BTW - supporting also helps to support keeping Slot Car Illustrated online!

                        Paul K
                        [email protected]


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                          Hey Scott, to answer your question, I'd say to get two -- one to race, one for your awesome display!


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                            Originally posted by swelston View Post
                            Yup, just eyeing the new McLaren Loctite. wondering...hmmm looks nice but should i order 1 or 2. suggestions?
                            As usual, I'm with Kurt.

                            Order two. I did.

                            Brian (been away from slots for awhile. Nice to be active again)