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Slot It Audi R8C noisy??

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  • Slot It Audi R8C noisy??

    Hi again all, I got the front wheel issue sorted out, but am having another problem. When I run the car, it is very noisy and even if I hold the car with the rear up, it's noisy. I noticed that the gear mesh is 'notchy'. I see that there is a small set screw holding a brass gear holder and am guessing that this can be moved/removed. It also still has the stock plastic gear and the pinion is brass.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a small enough hex driver to remove the set screw. The car is fairly new and has hardly been run.

    Any ideas or help is appreciated as always.

    Thank you.
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    The Audi is a great car, its won for me at our club.
    The first thing you need to do is go to Slot Car Corner and get yourself a quality hex driver or any of the sites sponsors and pickup a Slotit torque driver, personally I like the Hudy that SCC sells, but the Slotit tool works great also.
    Look here



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      Without meaning to contradict, I think the first thing he needs to do, now that the front axle is sorted, is to get some grease on the crown/pinion, a little oil on the axle bushings, then loosen off the pod screws a turn or two. Back off the body screws a little also.

      If running on plastic track with a magnet, the tires that came on it may be OK, but otherwise the S2s supplied with the car should be installed. I'm assuming of course that it's the current, or "reloaded" car he has here. If it's one of the original Audi R8C cars, it may have other issues such as the magnet jumping out it's place in the pod and rubbing on the pinion shaft. And it would benefit from aftermarket tires also, whether or those excellent Super Tires that SCC sell.

      No argument though that once you get into cars, it's time for the right tool to remove or adjust the wheels and gear.


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        I don't know about the latest releases, but the original R8C's were known for having pretty significant body rattle. Oiling locations where the interior meets the body, and laying tape to hold the interior still relative to the body should help.


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          I've had a similar issue, but with a new Porsche 956. What I found was the pinion had a bad spot on it. I had to shift the pinion with a puller so the gear touched another spot and it eliminated the noise.

          I know it could be anything, but open the car and do a visual check on the pinion and crown gear. Sometimes bad ones pass by inspection or something was ruined during assembly.

          Not knocking at all, I like's, because this sort of thing can happen to any manufacturer.


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            Sorry for the lack of info, but it was late when I posted this. The car is the 2nd release and it's noisy even with the body off. I already did the usual grease on the gears and oil on the bushings (motor and wheel). Would replacing the plastic gear with an aluminum one cure the problem and is one even available?

            Thanks again.


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              I just found this if anyone is interested..


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                Please note that those FAQ are old as they refer to the first (CA01 coded) version of the Audi R8C.

                Kind regards