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SCP-1A -- What's the difference?

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  • SCP-1A -- What's the difference?

    I've just seen advertisements for the "new" SCP-1A controller? What's the difference? How do I know whether I have a "new" SCP-1A or an "old" SCP-1?

    Also, sometimes my cars sputter when I turn down the voltage on my controller to about 10V? Is there a particular reason for that? It seems to solve the problem if I turn up the voltage a bit. Is this a problem that the SCP-1A controller solves?

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    So, no one knows the difference, or there is no difference?


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      All of our tracks run at 10 volts the the guys that have a controller have not had a problem of that sort.


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        I believe the difference is an uprated (35A?) "retriggerable fuse" in the analog module: Part #SCP04d. That's NOT the uprated glass fuse in the fuse holder, but a new component. The original analog controller can be updated by removing the original part and soldering the new fuse in place on the circuit board in the handle.
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