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    Re: OK....

    The two cars in my post just above are from Slot-it. The dual plane wing is a car that was run at Suzuka in 1989. The pic supplied by Edober is probably modeled after a car that ran at LeMans utilizing a lower downforce set-up. Hence that smaller single plane rear wing.


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      Just to be clear:

      the pictures I published were taken yesterday (Saturday September 24) at the Italian slot show "Slotlandia" in Milan. Maurizio Ferrari took the cars out from the display for me to photograph them. He also told me when they were available (in Europe I guess) and was very happy to have the whole thing pubblished on forums.
      About the Mercedes he said that that car you see here is not as completely decorated as the one in production.
      I guess we would have to see when it comes out.
      There was no Jaguar in the display case to see but, as told by Maurizio, it will be here in time for Christmas as it being flown in by plane. (The Merc is travelling by boat and perhaps is already on his way?). I have no idea if the new cars will be out at the same time in Europe and the US.
      How is it normally? Have you noticed if they're out at the same time?
      Kind regards
      Edo (in the italian side of Switzerland)


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        Re: Just to be clear:

        Hi Edo, did Maurizio happen to mention which Jaguar livery would be released first???

        "I have no idea if the new cars will be out at the same time in Europe and the US.
        How is it normally? Have you noticed if they're out at the same time?"

        Maurizio, is one of the smart ones and releases models simultaneously in Europe and the USA. When manufacturers release on one side of the pond before the other (usually Europe first) it really irks us colonists.>: And it actually hurts the industry here a little each time.


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          Re: Just to be clear:

          Hi LS
          no idea about the Jaguar livery. I was so excited and busy taking pics that I forgot to ask and Maurizio did not mention what it was. He was busy as there were many people around and there was a Porsche cup race starting soon on a 36 meter 4 lane Ninco track installed at the show.
          Kind regards


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            Re: Just to be clear:

            Maurizio posted on another site that the first Merc would be the LeMans "Presentation" car shown about with out #s. The Suzuka and Lemans racers will follow. He also said the first Jag will be the '88 Daytona 3rd place, # 66. Oh boy!


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              Re: Just to be clear:

              hmmm.... The song "All I want for Christmas" comes to mind. But, I've already got my two front teeth. Guess I'll have to ask for two Slot-it cars!!! One Mercedes, one Jaguar.


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                Re: Sauber C9s

                Guys, I'm guessing that the reason that Maurizio molded that piece on the Merc's nose that way is because it can vary it's shape depending on which version is being modelled.
                I don't have photo evidence to hand, but I'm pretty sure that the "Kouros" sponsored version had a straighter rear edge.
                This may also be the reason the Tamiya kits had a mold line?
                Just a thought.


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                  Sauber C9's

                  Having built a 1/24 C9 a number of years ago for a contest, I had devoted quite a bit of research to this subject and still have the materials used.

                  Most of the photos I have show the nose plate in question in the shape that it is on the Slot.It version. In the C9's 3 appearances at LeMans it was always run this way. I do have a photo of a C9 where this trailing edge was cut down to about the midpoint of the oval shaped scoop in the centre.

                  The 1989 LM C9's numbered 61 and 62 were converted "sprint" cars and the oval shaped inlet on the top plate of the nose is much larger than #63 which I am told was purpose built for LeMans.

                  Tamiya has not to date released their 1/24 C9 kit in anything other than LM 1989 trim (low drag, low downforce). I was told by a Tamiya representative that the nose piece was molded separately because of the difficulty of injection molding it in one piece.

                  Scale Motorsport makes a photoetch detail set and a carbon fibre decal set for the Tamiya model. Studio 27 offers a photoetch detail set for the Tamiya kit and several conversion decals.

                  Hasegawa released a C9 1988 "AEG" sprint kit and a 1989 "Mercedes Sport" (silver arrows) sprint kit.

                  Heller released a 1/43rd scale plastic kit of the C9 in LM trim.

                  A number of companies have released diecast and white metal kits and assembled models.


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                    What of the Kouros liveried car? Been drooling for that one ever since it cropped up on SlotIt's web.


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                      Thanks for the further info M Brown, I have both Hasegawa and Tamiya 1/24th kits yet to build. However, if you look at the photo Robert Livinston kindly posted from LM '89, you'll notice a straight edge to the rear of the vent. It is possible that the nose on any of the silver c9s was changed during race and or/practice. But this is only nit-picking, the really good news is the fact that we have a C9 at all !! And a Kouros version to follow ( I can only wish that the AEG livery was possible but I doubt it).

                      I also know from an e-mail from with Maurizio that the short tail Porsche 956/962s will be along some time and that he's also considering other Group C cars for manufacture. I can hardly wait !
                      cheers & beers


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                        IIRC the Sauber T-car in 1989 was numbered "61" also, so it makes it a bit difficult to know if a specific pic was taken of that car in the race or during practice.

                        To your other question, according to the LM 1989 annual that I have, the nose was changed on the #63 car during the night. This is evidenced by the left outboard light having a yellow tint at the start of the race and it being clear at the finish (so noted because pictures taken at the end of the race show that the right sidepod on the #63 car was damaged).

                        Apparently Peter Sauber was smart enough to have different noses made up to account for the changes in downforce (due to the cooler/denser air) during the night. Herr Joest noted this at the time and applied this thinking to his winning efforts with the Audi team.