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  • News questions.

    Will there be a new design of wheel inserts? New motors? Chassis components?


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    Beautiful work as usual Maurizio!!



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      Very cool!

      Will this new anglewinder product also fit the Ninco BMW M3's or is that still in the works?

      I have three M3s but haven't seen the inside off an NSX upclose to see how compatible they are.


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        Re: News. Nissan R390

        Hey Nice shots Alan. So it looks to me like Slot.It
        have done a wonderful job on this car, are those
        working headlights, or just an illusion? My only one
        small complaint (Mr. Negative) is not with Slot.It, but
        perhaps more with Nissan. The car just doesn't have
        that certain something that makes your mouth water.
        Now choosing to make the Audi R8C as S;lot.Its first
        ever ready to run slot car was a stroke of pure genius. Whoever suggested to Slot.It that they make that car (Possibly the sexiest LeMans car ever) should get a
        raise and a promotion. Now if only they would build
        the coolest most purposeful looking car ever, the
        Toyota GT1 that person would immediately be promoted
        to president of the company and perhaps even king of
        the world or emperor! Aah yes the Toyota GT1, the
        sexiest meanest, wickedest car ever to grace the black
        top at LeMans. Yup, yup , yup, if only some serious
        slot car company would build a Toyota GT1, wow would
        that ever be exciting.... yup, yup yup.:lol How's that
        for a hint Maurizio.

        Keep up the good work

        Gordo Bond 007

        P.S. Maurizio, I recently heard a rumor that in some
        way, shape or form, you are related to
        "the Big Man" (Enzo) Himself. Is there any truth to this rumor....
        Did I ever mention how much I adore Ferrari's?
        We need to talk.:lol


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          Re: News. Nissan R390

          The car just doesn't have that certain something that makes your mouth water.
          Gordo, it may not taste that good, but visually I find this car stunning, and Slot.It have done a brilliant job of recreating it. As a supposed car lover, you deserve a resounding, so there!

          Hoping to see some chassis shots soon [he said with amazing alliteration], this car has made it to the top of my wish list!

          Keep the pictures coming, Alan. Oh, and don't forget to factor in your beer bill ... talk about priceless ...



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            Re: News. Nissan R390

            No, I am not related to Enzo. Ferrari is a very common name in Italy. It's origins are exactly like Smith in USA (Ferrari comes from 'Ferraio', which means 'Smith', iron forger)

            I have been working at the Ferrari F1 factory for 4 years, though, and I live 30 Km from Maranello, but I do not own a 1:1 Ferrari.

            Best regards



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              Re: News. Nissan R390

              Okay Let Me Get This Straight, Your last name is
              Ferrari, You build the nicest, fastest slot cars
              currently available on the planet, and you work in
              the Ferrari F1 plant!!!!!!!!!!!
              How Cool Is You Life!!!!!:eek
              Oh and let me guess, your Wife looks like cross
              between Isabella Rosolini and Sophie Loren too!:lol

              So back to the important stuff, about this
              Ferrari F1 job thing.... I have to ask, have you
              ever met Micheal Schumacher??? Is he as nice in
              real life as I think that he must be? Stories man,
              I need stories! So do you ever share your passion
              for slot cars with the boys at Ferrari? This is so cool,
              I can't believe.... Now about my dream of Slot.It ever
              considering making a Toyota GT1.... if I could just
              get even the smallest little comment from you on the
              possibility of this ever happening... ....hello....anyone there?

              Take care and please share!:lol

              Gordo (Ferrari's #1 Fan) Bond 007


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                Re: News. Nissan R390

                Gordo, be careful -- you're drooling all over Maurizio's shoes!

                Frankly, I'm not so concerned about Maurizio's possible relation to Enzo Ferrari. This new revelation that the name 'Ferrari' in Italian has the same roots as 'Smith' in English leads me to believe that Maurizio is, in fact, Alan Smith's brother/cousin/son! Could the plot get any thicker?

                Marizio, the Nissan is gorgeous. It definitely has that certain something that Gordo claims it lacks. Count me in for one or two, please.


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                  Re: News. Nissan R390

                  Could the plot get any thicker?
                  But of course!

                  If his family name had been "Cooper", he would be making wine barrels, instead, perhaps.

                  Or, uh, Lotii?



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                    Re: Press release

                    it would be nice to be able to buy this stuff (slot-it) over the counter( here in brisbane queensland australia) but due to the way poeple think( and over charge)...I cant get this stuff...I have to mail order and trust some rat who may or may not send the parts and if they do it takes weeks to get here (postage in the same country should be a lot quicker)....great way to promote a nice business
                    hell me as just a local slot racer would be able to a much better job than these turkeys that just interested in the margins not the fun of the business...




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                      Re: Press release

                      Looks like the kid's college fund will be taking another hit!?

                      Thanks Maurizio!


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                        That's just a beautiful car, I'll have to make room for it in the garage. The wife will understand one more, won't she?