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    Originally posted by View Post
    Glad to be of help...

    Actually we may rearrange the codes to match the engraved number. PT20 is the commercial name, the important information is the drawing number and the compound, so for example PT20 may become PT-1088C1

    That's great news! Any chance Slot.It will extend it's line of tires to fit some of the oddball sizes on other manufacturer's models?

    Thanks PT Fan for your efforts and for initiating this thread.



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      Post of the year!!
      Seriously, eh? Good effort there Kerry, a lot of folks will use this as a useful reference.

      Interesting to have Maurizio's feedback on the subject.


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        The dimension is too depending on the underlying wheel to be useful IMO. I am convinced that the new code, based on drawing number, + compound, and the engraving on the wall of the tyre, iss the way to go...


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          We use PT17 S2s on many different cars so I understand that they will look and measure differently on each one. I was going by the tire chart which lists unmounted dimensions as they should still be legible when mounted:

          I was hoping to avoid having to carry around a chart of drawing numbers... how about the part number like "PT17" or just "17" which would be simpler?


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            C-1 Tyres

            Hi Maurizio,
            We have just bought 4 new cars: 2X Mclaren F-1 GTR's , Ford GT 40, and Toyota 88C Daytona. these are the best running 'out of the box slots cars' we have ever purchased. They have good grip on wood and plastic. My question is are the C-1's available for using on our other slot cars.
            I have asked and no one who is selling the cars , in Toronto ,seems to know. Some are grooved and some not.
            What kind of compound did you come up with, it's great. You can email me directly if you have time :
            [email protected]
            Thanks, Stephen / Toronto

            As you found out things were about to spiral out of control with many tyres that were too difficult to tell from each other, so we've taken a decision: we have engraved, or are about to engrave, a small number on the inside wall of the tyre (where is engraved), on the box stock tyres, i.e. this applies or will apply to C1 and S2 tyres only.

            Said number is the ID of the drawing number that we use for a certain tyre.
            This is what we use as of today:
            1088 small front, classic (e.g. Alfa)
            1120 rear threaded (GT40, 2E)
            1121 front threaded (GT40, 2E)
            1152 new rear GT and Gr.C with 16.5 wheels (in the future this will only be used for GTs and all gr.Cs will wear tyre #1167)
            1159 GTs and grC front
            1140 Current rear Gr.C and classic for 15.8 mm wheels

            Note that some of these items may still not be available as spare parts, but will be in the future.
            Regarding 1140, not yet engraved. So, don't search for 1140 on the blue Alfa tyres.

            Relation between tyre number and code:

            PT20 1088
            PT32 1120+1121 (2+2 tyres)
            PT35 1140
            PT17, PT18, PT33 come from moulds that are not engraved

            I hope this helps. I am sure it will especially once the transition to this system is done.


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              My question is are the C-1's available for using on our other slot cars.
              If you have some zero grips or other alternate tire for the front hubs on those cars, you may find some of the C1s installed there will fit other slot cars.

              C1s are also available in some different sizes from leading slot suppliers!


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                well finally a list to clear up the mud ! just got much needed help acquirin` tires last p.m. from oliver at professor motor . finally someone (kerry) is tryin` to make this part of the hobby easier to understand .

                much thanks sir ! jer


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                  The tyres' reference chart is going really to help you, I still need a couple of days.


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                    Time this one saw the light of day again, I figure.


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                      If you like C-1's on routed tracks--try the F22's --more grip on our routed tracks!


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                        Love products but tire cross reference charts make me
                        Thanks Kerry for enlightening us!!!
                        No disrespect Maurizio just some customer feedback. Someone new to your products will find figuring out the method to the madness daunting...I did and owned a Hobby Shop/Indoor RC track/Slot raceway for 20 years. Really like the F and N series tire ID method of having the shore on the sidewall. We all know you are one of the most attentive and caring manufacturers in this business.

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                          Care to update this now, Kerry? Maurizio? Bueller ... ?

                          May be time for this Thread to receive a ...


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                            How bout now


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                              N22 F22 which way around?

                              As a previous image in this thread shows, the sidewalls of N22 and F22 tires are off centered. Which way around are they meant to go?



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                                Is there some sort of cross reference sheet that was mentioned...did I miss it or is it in the works?