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Building the Ferrari F40 white kit

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  • Building the Ferrari F40 white kit

    I recently acquired the F40 white kit and have decided to finish it as the Monte Shell #7 car. Adding to the difficulty of the build this car did not have the large ducted openings on the front deck lid (I don't know if you call it a bonnet if the engine is in the rear). So my first chore will be to cover the opening with some sheet styrene and get it smooth. If I use the mirrors that attach to the side windows I will also have to fill the holes provided in the doors. The Pattos decal sheet provides decals for the red and yellow portion of the car but as of now I plan to at least paint the yellow sections and maybe use the red decals.

    I noticed the kit provides a separate set of doors with window nets which I assume would be for an IMSA livery. Now that I have it I wouldn't recommend trying to build one to a novice. I have three others that the body portion was factory assembled and I will be using them to guide me through the build. Once I have made a little progress on the front deck I will post some images.

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    Here's the first shot of the modification to the front deck.


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      Originally posted by Modlerbob View Post
      I recently acquired the F40 white kit ... now that I have it I wouldn't recommend trying to build one to a novice.
      Believe me, I know what you mean!

      But, it's worth the trouble, and can be made seriously quick with the lexan interior. There's another Thread in here somewhere with some hints about assembling the beast, I'm pretty sure - maybe the Search function can help you find it.


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        they are a p.i.t.a. to assemble but one done they are great! I had to use a rtr to assemble my white kit.


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          Another vote for a great car, but a PITA to assemble. Those <bleeping> doors



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            I agree. Really, assembling the doors is frustrating... I'd do things differently if I could



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              I'm sure there are enough loyal Slot.It afficianados that really don't care if you call it a Ferrari F40 or a Mack Truck. The car is just phenomenal regardless of the moniker that is attached to it.

              Quite frankly, if you were to bring out more of these, even without the dancing horse badging, I'm sure they would quickly be purchased for their well known and documented superior attributes in the speed and handling areas.


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                Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful car, fast & fun to drive. But if I had to replace it, I would get a RTR car and forgo the assembly (and neck tension headaches).

                And a big THANK YOU!!! for all the great cars you and your team put out.