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  • Flat 6 RS

    Second post here we come!!

    So just released the new flat 6 rs. I was wondering if any of you tried it, and, impressions? also, what gearing would be recommended for a Lola running on mainly technical track.

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    I have not yet tried the Flat-6RS motor. I have run the Flat-6 and the Flat-6R motors.

    Actually I find the Flat-6 motor to be an excellent motor. The powerband is so wide and smooth that you can run some really fast laps, mostly because of the smoothness of the power application to the wheels.

    My Lola B09/60 is the fastes lap time car in my box. It has the Flat-6 motor geared at 11 / 27 (one tooth lower then stock). On the track we race on - a 67 foot Scalextric Sport layout with more curves then straights) - which I consider 'technical' I have run some 4.0 second lap times. When I put the Flat6-R motor into the car with the same gearing, the lap times dropped off about a tenth. I think the reason for that is the power delivery of that motor is not as smooth as the delivery from the Flat-6 motor.

    With the Flat-6, I can 'lengthen the straights' by applying the power earlier in the turns leading into the straight. That concept let's me be at wide open throttle for a longer period of time, so that helps the lap times.

    In all the experience I have had racing slot cars, I find that it is not necessarily the fastest car that wins the race, but the one with the most laps on the counter when the power goes off. So in my opinion, the Flat-6 motor will let you drive a car closer to it's limits during a race - since you feel comfortable with the car - and run faster and more consistent lap times.

    Just my opinion of course.


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      Flat 6 RS

      try you'll like it....

      Actually Andy first welcome to SCI.

      I have recently got my hands on 2 of these beasts and I'm can't wait to load one in a "magless" ( now I'm NOT trying to start a P__ing match on Mag vs NonMag) GT car in AW setup.

      In a point-n-shoot track like I think your taking about, the +20% more torque in RS vs the orginal flat6 (250 vs 200) might just be the edge you looking for, if you and your car ( remember this is a 25K motor vs a 22k motor) can handle it... getting into and out of the corners the fastest wins races....