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    Why doesn't Slot It offer the chassis as an inline?

    Even with the '2' offering, the track is too wide to fit the cars I have in mind (Scaley Focus).
    If I buy the complete sidewinder chassis, I still have to purchase a pod, pinion, and crown gear to convert to inline. Purchasing the Starter Chassis and adding all of the bits and pieces becomes expensive.

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    Originally posted by Wicker Bill View Post
    Why doesn't Slot It offer the chassis as an inline?
    I thought there was one with an orange endbell motor, but this one is available:



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      I would like the orange endbell motor if it was available.
      The chassis you referred to is not shown in the SlotIt catalog or their website.


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        Then it is no longer being made. I have one of the complete chassis shown in the earlier thread, but it was purchased several years ago. Apparently it sold so poorly that it was not worth keeping in production. Doesn't mean you can no longer find it, but that you will have to look for it.


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          SICH27* READY TO RUN HRS Complete Inline Chassis w/Boxer Motor

          Not so much that is didn't sell as that with a few redesigns the HRS2 is much more usable.
          I've done a little matching up and even an inline HRS2 will be a difficult fit under a Scalextric Focus.
          Do you have wheels? With the inline parts you mention above I do believe you will need at least hubless wheels and perhaps they will need to be only 2/3 as wide as the Slot.It wheels.


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            I've looked at using SlotIt 16.5x8.2 wheels w/PT24 tires (same as I used on my Avant Slot Subarus); with an inline pod it looks like this setup will work.
            The front end is also an issue since the axle mount is rather wide.
            Hubless wheels will no doubt help.

            I had a long conversation with Scot on this issue way back when; he recommended the MSR chassis (which I've emailed Alan about).
            I have also considered an Avant Slot chassis, but that would require purchasing a complete car and an inline pod.

            I would like to use a SlotIt product. I like the company's products and their attention to the customer.
            Any way you slice it, I believe there is a market for a complete inline chassis with the orange endbell motor.


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              So much for 'inline'-chassis's.! Do the Research!! They are out there!