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Lowenbrau Sebring 1987

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    You know

    It is just right!


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      Originally posted by venson4 View Post
      And this?

      Spectacular decoration in my point of view.
      One of my all time favorite liveries. I couldn't wait for to make it.

      My 2011 Shootout car - Daytona 1988 post race.

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        I think the IMSA Porsche 962s will be a great addition to Slot.Its lineup and I will most likely get a couple. I also think another IMSA car from that period, the Lola Corvette GTP, would be a well received product, at least here in the USA. How can you go wrong with a car from the Hendrix racing group.


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          How about a couple Dyson liveries
          1985 Columbus winner.

          1986 Riverside winner.

          1988 Miami winner. Dyson,Cobb and Weaver.

          I know these next pics dont have the scoop, but Im putting them up anyway
          They were taken at the shop in Poughkeepsie a few days before the car was taken to Limerock to be put on display.

          Limerock. The guy pulling on the back of the car is one of the machinists and fabricator and my next door neighbor.

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            More the merrier....

            Any and all Porsche 962 IMSA spec or European will be appreciated and scooped up, no doubt!!

            The slightly tough part is that once the 962's were here in the States, each team began making small aero changes --particularly at the back of the car - and then the nose and soon, totally different rear sections with larger wings, new mountings, etc.

            In 1/43 resin, these are easy changes --but for the sales needed for slot cars --not quite so easy. So please go easy on Slotit as they try to give us everything we want!!!

            How about a Group C - IMSA GTP World Challenge??? (and I like the idea of the Vette!!!)

            THis is gonna be fun!!



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              How about the Wynn's sponsored Hotchkis Racing entry? I always loved the funky purple n' pink


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                Here's my vac. formed vette, but I still want one from slot.It


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                  Hi Maurizio,

                  How about another vote for the Wynn's Porsche...