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  • Missing bits and pieces

    Hi all, recently aquired a used but not abused Slot it Boss 956 . The car needs the small parts that break of in collision and roll over. My Boss was missing the rear wing, some glass pcs and the mirriors. Mostly interested in the wing. i robbed a white kit for most of the items ,but when it came to the wing the piece comes white. Is there a kit with a prepainted wing and if not what color # is it. Want it match. Thanks for your help Robert

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    The rear wing is black with white pinstripes and the terrarent sponsor logo. I'll bet that pattos place has a black decal with the pinstripes and sponsor logo already on it that wraps around the white replacement part.


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      Well dark blue is close to black

      Hi, the color of the Boss Porsche is Dark Blue, i only found out when i took the body off and you can see the paint over spray on the under side. Thanks for your help.Robert