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  • scp-01a ghost mode

    good moring everyone. My controller will automatically go into ghost mode aytomatically sometimes when I am using it and causes the car I am driving to go smashing into the wall at full speed and usually breaking a wing off. Just wondering if anyone else has had this or knows how to fix it.
    Thanks in advance, Kyle

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    When it happens, if you look at the green and red lights on the controller, are they flashing quickly back and forth? If so, then it IS in ghost mode. If not, then something else is happening.

    Either way, it's a bad thing that shouldn't be happening. Ghost mode is hard to get into on purpose, so unless you have a habit of holding down all the buttons, you're probably not doing it yourself. That means that the controller is malfunctioning.

    How old is it? Maybe you can exchange it at the place of purchase? If you know anyone else with a SCP1, you can try swapping the cartridges between controllers. If the problem moves to the other controller, then you know it's in the cartridge. If not, then you know it's in the handle. At least then you know what you talk to your dealer or about.


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      A simple test would be to place the CRV/LIN switch into the CRV position, then the controller should not be capable of going into ghost mode.



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        Also is it possible that the way you hold the controller you are depressing the three buttons while pulling the trigger fully allowing the troller to enter ghost mode. Just a crazy thought.


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          I have 3 of these controllers and I have already tried changing cartridge from another one and changing to curve mode and it will still do it sometimes. Its about a year old (pretty sure its the version 2) and yes the lights do flash green red gren red, and when i pull full trigger the max light will go on and when I let go sometimes ghost will shut off and other times I have to disconnect the white alligator clip. thanks for the great answers.


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            sounds like the handle has gone bad.