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The 'Coke' Porsche 962. How did they miss it!? Where's 'Lady'?

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    Side views of the car from the Monterey Historic 2009....

    The car above is a Porsche 962 in what is the original 1984 specification for Porsche 962 IMSA customer cars. If I had to guess this is actually chassis 102, which was the second customer Porsche 962 developed for IMSA competition.

    Rear wing is sort of an amalgamation of the low-downforce long tail and the high-downforce short tail seen on European spec 956 and 962 models. The configuration pictured is unique to the IMSA spec cars and is due to the IMSA regulations that year which stated that all aerodynamic devices had to be contained within the plan profile of the car.

    The 'snorkel' on the right hand side (driver's side) of the rear deck is the turbo inlet, the large hump on top of the deck due to the placement of the single turbo on top of the flat-six engine.

    Based on the sponsor logos, Goodyear tires, rear deck details, and wing, the car pictured above is in the date range of what Akin raced in the '84 to '85 IMSA series. He started the 1984 season with his last 935 development before racing Porsche 962/102 (the second customer 962 chassis) through the '84 and '85 seasons.

    The car itself has the more classic 956 style short tail that became legal in IMSA for the 1986 season and has the big intake over the rear deck for the new intercooler on top of the motor, space made available by moving from a single to twin turbos. The chassis number depicted would be chassis 962/113. This is a different car completely than the pictured car above.

    IF anyone wants to add the "lady" detail, it would actually go between the Paradyne and Valentine Research logo. Pre-1986, that decal moved around a lot.

    Mika -
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      Just got mine in the mail....Sure is pretty!

      As always, well done!