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  • hrs2 chassis....

    what is the narrowest body one can mount an unmodified hrs2 chassis under? i have a vehicle that is quite long but narrow, tsrf is too wide, and i dont have any experience with the plafit chassis. has had some of the best products in my slot car arsenal, so natural i will concider them as well. i intend to stuff the chassis under a carrera 132 ford torino, modified of course. a modified stock chassis is not preferable, as i see issues with the front axle height and quide. the width of the lower narrow bodywork is about 46mm, and the track width of my modified body is 63-64mm fender to fender, so im guessing it will need to be able to do 65mm wheel to wheel (outside visible surface of the wheel)

    this is getting build allongside another project, and soon a 3rd that may well have an hrs chassis as well. low cost rtr adjustible chassis looks like the only option for now, as i need wheels/tires for all three, axles for at least one, maybe 2, gears for at least one, a new chassis, and a new motor for at least 1 of the cars.

    any help would be much appreciated, rallymaster.

    i know the width its listed as is 55-63mm, but could i get it to fit with custom mounts, or is the width advertised really the track width wheel to wheel?

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    You should have no problem fitting an HRS2 under that body.
    60mm stock track f/r