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contoller not working

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  • contoller not working

    Where can I get service for a controller? Though I bought it a little more than a year ago, I never tried to use it until a few weeks ago when I finished the wiring on my new track. It doesn't do anything, and there is no green light inside the handle. Thanks for your help.

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    Did you check the fuse? That's not an uncommon failure point (it's there for a reason), and is easy to replace. If it's not the fuse, then you might be able to get support from Scalextric-USA (the distributor), or Alan at, a staunch supporter.


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      Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Flippant. It probably is the fuse. Now I have to find it! A nice little project for a chilly and rainy Saturday evening. What ever happened to date night #2?


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        Should be easy to find, right there in the cartridge. Usually a simple glass fuse, 3.5 amps or so. You can replace them with a 3 amp fuse from the shack, or the exact replacement from or other.

        Note that the fuse usually only blows when you hook up wrong... or if your wiring is contrary to the usual arrangement. If you blow another fuse, take a close look at your track wiring to make sure it agrees with the controller.


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          Originally posted by JDR View Post
          It probably is the fuse. Now I have to find it!
          It's actually pretty straightforward, as I discovered as one of the first owners. Connecting to a live track - particularly using something like a stereo plug / jack setup - can blow it before you even get to try the trigger.

          Take a look through the information in these files. Radio Shack or like that should be able to sell you half a dozen spare fuses for a minimal outlay.

          Incidentally, when you do take the screwdriver to it, you might want to adjust the spring tension on the trigger, depending on personal preference.


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            Check if there's a red LED on the cartridge (sure sign of a blown fuse).