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Question: CH66 Guide with M2 Screw

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  • Question: CH66 Guide with M2 Screw

    I just found and read the instructions from that say that the grub screw goes in front of the braid. I assume that means the lead wire and braid get compressed into the semi-circular recess in the rear (perhaps so the grub screw doesn't slice the lead wire strands). But every single car that I've bought which has the simpler version of this guide on the cars (push-in vs. screw-retained) has the grub screw inserted into the semi-circular recess, behind the lead wire and the braid. The end of the braid that sticks out of the top of the guide has been pushed over the front, but the grub screw is always towards the rear, in the semi-circular slot.

    Either the instructions are wrong, or the assemblers in China aren't reading the instructions from Italy.

    Before I start redoing the guides, is there any answer, Maurizio?
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    I've got mine behind the braid towards the rear.



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      If it works I'm not sure there is a right and wrong. As long as the briad stays in the guide you (and those factory workers) are doing something right. If the braid is coming out then try something different.

      I still prefer eyelets....


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        Instructions are right and no we can't get the factory to put the grub screw where it should be.
        I'm planning a new mould for 2014 where the grub screws would go in from the front, thus pressing the cable against the braid, which should solve this forever!

        Sort of like what we do in the new LMP pickup:

        Compatible with all standard braids. Cable is inserted on top of braid through the external left and right holes, while an M2 grub screw presses it flat on the braid.
        Special redesigned shape to greatly increase shock resistance. Screw mount. Available in approximately two months with code CH88


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          Do the engineers at ever sleep?


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            Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
            Do the engineers at ever sleep?
            ever hear of sleep walking? these guys work in their sleep!

            now guys SLOW DOWN! im seeing to many slick cars, ill need to get a good paying job just to pay for my new slot car addiction


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              Thanks for the answer and insights, Maurizio. As you know, because the screw threads rest on the braid or the lead, they end up slicing the braid or leads, no matter where the screw is inserted (and replacing a pair of leads can be a real pain). Now can I wish for a trade-in program for the old guides, or bulk discounts?
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                Now can I wish for a trade-in program for the old guides, or bulk discounts?
                Ya good luck with that, eh?

                The one change I wish would make to their lead wires (as provided in an rtr car or soldered to a motor when bought separately) is to make them about a centimeter longer. If you change configuration to sidewinder, it can be a real stretch trying to make them work.