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Slot.It OXigen Digital !!!

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  • Slot.It OXigen Digital !!!

    Wow, this is huge! A repected manufacturer in slot community unveils a digital system targeted for club audience. Their strategy appears to be cross compatibilty with analog. The SCP-1 controller is a highly functional analog unit and with replacing a cartridge in the handset, you can now run digital. DC on the rails so power loss through mosfets is a non-issue. It appears that the system will support up to 80 car IDs distributed among four tracks.

    Compatibilty with existing timing solutions and promise for third party support. Also it appears that they are selling LC chips to allow retrofit to other brands of track as well as pre built LCs for scalextric and ninco. This is great.

    With their distribution network, gear should be relatively easy to obtain

    Hopefully this will unify club racers, and home set racers can cotinue to use whatever they have. The problem with each of the carrera/ninco/scalextric solutions is that they are track specific and most people gravitate to a digital system based on the track system they own.

    I think the specification looks great and it will probably work very well. My hope is that it supports dead-strip triggering (which will make conversions easy and lapcounting 100% reliable), and that they keep the cost low.
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    oXigen, we all need it.

    Story here on SCI.

    Thanks to for supplying the News to SCI.

    More soon.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      The last comment is "Open interface for third party add ons".

      Theoretically this means that a major manufacturer could develop compatible hardware, say pre chipped LCs, or their own in car decoder chips. (or anyting else).


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        Hopefully the 2009 championship that is mentioned will have races in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.


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          With support from Slot car racers it will.

          The biggest problem is getting North American Slot car Racers to come out in numbers and support racing events.

          There will be Races in Chicago October 16th - 18th at

          Who know with support if this Event grows next year could be Digital, now I do need oXigen.

          Hope to see lot's of you there.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            This isn't mentioned on the www site. Looks like a Powerpoint presentation, but from where? From who? Directly from, I gather.

            All looks very exciting. Hope it appears soon, but has a way of sliding their release dates. It does sound a lot like Scorpius...
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              The Press Release is from

              Sent to me as an Adobe Acrobat file.

              Regarding timetable, I am sure Maurizio will get on here and answer questions as soon as he can.

              Right now and most other European Slot Car Manufacturers are at a big Slot Car Show in Italy, this was where the News was announced.

              Good things come to those who wait, and I have been waiting for someone to develop what the bigger Manufacturers started with Digital.

              It will be interesting to see this develop over the next Months.

              Well done
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                sorry missed arrival of slotit digital controller

                now a slotit scorpious system
                available soon right
                glad thats what u were waiting for Alan
                but scaly pbpsh works fine here


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         Digital Controller is not released yet.

                  Maybe this is why,

                  Not sure on collaboration with any other system especially as the other mentioned 16 cars, still either way this is good News to me.

                  Regarding SSD it is a good system, but still at the Toy end of Slot Car Racing, by design.

                  Having run many SSD Demonstrations I know it is not perfect, it's OK. No PC Interface, no separate lap counting. Power is not robust stock, however you know way more than me on Rich D's conversion.

                  I want to see a system that allows Multi lane Tracks, like NINCO has Fueling and Pit Stops like SCX and is reliable like ?

                  This could be it for me, not for everyone I understand, I wish I had access to the great work Rich as done, but this will be something I can both use at my Events plus sell in the Store.

                  Of course time will tell, it's not out yet, but I can not wait to see this system in operation.

                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    Very cool. Finally someone is starting to think right. Open up the system so it can grow!
                    Maurizio does it right! As an electronics nerd, I am very excited about the 3rd party add-ons.



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                      Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post

                      Not sure on collaboration with any other system especially as the other mentioned 16 cars, still either way this is good News to me.
                      I hope for Rick's sake that he was able to get to buy his idea and modify it, but he was using a ISM 2.4ghz chip with 16 channels on it so that makes me think that is using something else. Especially since they support 80 channels. 20 cars on 4 tracks in the same room.

                      Also Rick is using an off the shelf pc dongel that is an Atmel demo kit.

                      At any rate Rick has pushed the envelope and people are noticing!


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                        after rereadin press release Alan

                        sounds like ssdd
                        with a slotit label

                        sorry dont get what excitement is bout

                        but what is disconcerting
                        is if scaly n ninco have licensed their lane changers
                        then future of both digital systems appear to be shortlived
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                          Will the Slot-it system allow Best line type mode or Best Lane Slot Track? I like the racing lines in this system in the turns!


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                            My biggest concern with a system like this is that its RC technology applied to slot cars. The handsets are bound to be more expensive than a typical slot car controller.

                            However, a stock mini-Z controller is around $30, and most of the slot manufacturers are charging this much for a simple resistor based controller which probably costs a fraction of a mini-Z controller to manufacture.

                            If can keep the costs reasonable (comparable to other digital systems) they will have a winner. If it is significantly more expensive, then it would be difficult for users of other digital systems to switch. Do you really need more than 6 or 8 cars? What features does it offer that arent covered by current commercial systems?

                            The strength of using RC technology is tha it avoids power delivery problems, but with the power boosters availble for the commercial systems, this isnt a problem when running 8 or less cars. The system would be capable of running 20 cars, but even large clubs are not going to be running more than 6-8. 20 Car races will be reserved for gymnasium sized tracks.

                            So beyond better power handling for very large fields, what does the system get us that couldnt be provided by one of the other systems, if it was designed properly? Not much really. In fact the RC based design is bound to make it cost MUCH more for the same feature set.

                            I think this is exciting for the digital geeks because of slot.its reputation and that they are chasing the club market. I think the belief is that its higher quality will be a unifying factor and that it will take over the club market. (Is there a digital club market?) It would be nice to think that all the digital slot geeks would gravitate to the same system and that it will gain traction as a standard, but that may not happen.

                            It may have been just as effective for to resell DAVIC. IOW, Its not hard to make something of higher quality than the majors have provided and it really doesnt matter what technology is used, the ability to manufacture it and sell it is what will distinguish Oxigen from the "enthusiast" systems.

                            One thing I did not mention is that (along with carrera) are the only companies to recognize the need for long gradual LCs. It appears that they will be providing double length pieces for scalextric and ninco track systems; they are needed. However, this is just a photoshop job at this point -- we will have to see if they can legally sell track that mates with sport of ninco track.

                            Also, appears to have used the same tactics as ninco and (scorpius) before them. Announce their system long before it is avialable in order to get people to wait and hold off purchase of other viable systems. No telling when it will be available. Is slot.its reputation enough to get people to wait and unify? And if it really is an "open" system, then any of the technology could be replaced with 3rd party equivalents; this would guarantee prices stay in check. Why pay $1000 if you can build your own from plans on the internet?

                            Lots of possibilities here, will have to see how it plays out. Having purcahsed two other digital systems (pro-X, n-digital) im not going to invest in another system until it has proven to be the standard. Until then im going to use what I have. With better programming of the console, I see no reason why n-digital would not be a great choice for club use. The dead strip triggering gives it a strong edge, both in converting cars and building LCs (wood, conversions), as well as lap counting accuracy. However, I consider N-digital to be too expensive. $80 for a cheap plastic controller with some resistors and a pot is way too much. With a system like Oxigen on the horizon, will Ninco be motivated to chase the club market and make improvements to their product, or will cost containment continue to be their MO?

                            At least now, with having announced their system, I cant think of any other major slot companies who do not have something on the table already..
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                     have added oXigen to their website