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Can we get an Oxigen Primer ???

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  • Can we get an Oxigen Primer ???


    I have been monitoring Digital (mainly Oxigen) for a long time. I have been one of the many crying out for a "standard", that all the early adopters /mavens (I avoided saying "advocates) say we should forget about.

    HOWEVER ... with this latest announcement from, It looks like my "faith" in Mauritizo has paid off. Maybe not a "standard" , but a means to break through the "propriatory boundaries" and run all our stuff under one system.

    Yea !

    What I'm going to ask for here, is really a sales tool. A means of knocking down all "objections" to a sale, by laying out information that clears away all the doubts, questions and "problems". I'd also like this, because I'd like to have ONE PLACE to go to get my answers. Not have to look all over the internet (or this Forum) , for stuff that was discussed years ago

    What I'm proposing, is a Oxigen Primer.

    A how to book (or website) where all the "answers , are in one place.

    It should be written, to the customer (us knuckleheads) as if :

    1. We know NOTHING about digital.
    2. We don't have any digital stuff.
    3. We may be long time ANALOG users, with TONS of cars FROM EVERY MAKER. (and that we will continue to buy from all brands)

    The Primer, should lay out the building blocks. What do we need to go to Oxigen.

    All the required hardware. Controllers /Black boxes/ dongles (sounds like something you'd see in pre-vert video)

    Hardware / Electronis needs for particular track systems. I do Carrera. But I have no interest in Carrera Digital (even the 1/24 chips are big & klunky)

    What is required to activate lane changers?

    How to substitute Oxigen hardware for Carrera (or whoever) (unless your'e gonna market some ?)

    How to integrate a PC ? (what kind/ how powerful, minimal system requirements)

    How to utilize aftermarket power supplies ? Like the "MG" thing available , a 200w regulated transformer that running all these little beasties will require)

    I'm sure at one time or another, all this has been discussed. But it should now be looked at as "Digital for Dummies"., don't presume we know ANYTHING.

    What chips can be used in tiny 1/32 F1 cars, without butchering them ?

    How to keep all this stuff compatible with all the other stuff, (assuming it can be)

    What is required to keep cars & lane changers compatible

    Wireless Operation. What is required ? (Is Oxigen 2.4 Ghz ? ... from the miniscule stuff I know about R/C ... 2.4 Ghz is supposed to be the coolest)

    Drivers Stations ? What is required

    Limitations of both ...

    My thinking is that the mighty marketing forces of Hornby, should seize on this "game changing moment".

    And educate the hobbyist public. New cats may flock. Us old lazy bastids will have all the stuff we need at out fingertios...

    So what say ???
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    i am not

    but i say "please do"
    i could really use this!!


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      It takes some reading but there's a good chance the answers are here:

      Course if you really want a person to be on standby for every question you might have......good luck.


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        think "Sales Tool", Scott ...


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          Have you read the oXigen FAQ? That's the closest thing to what you're asking for that I know of.
          A sales tool would not go into the detail you ask for in your original post. Putting all that information into a document would make it a reference guide, not a sales tool. Maybe you didn't really mean a sales tool?

          Oh, and yeah... I see what you did there. :P


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            Well, we're translating the FAQ in Spanish...
            In the FAQ, I've tried to explain what the system is about.
            I believe the 'Base Manual' is also a good read.

            There was a good article on oXigen on Model Car Racing.

            I'm not sure what a primer is. Please feel free to give me a sort of guideline and I'll try to help


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              Originally posted by View Post
              Well, we're translating the FAQ in Spanish...
              In the FAQ, I've tried to explain what the system is about.
              I believe the 'Base Manual' is also a good read.

              There was a good article on oXigen on Model Car Racing.

              I'm not sure what a primer is. Please feel free to give me a sort of guideline and I'll try to help
              Dear Guys, thanks for the response.

              This "Primer" ,as I'm calling it, would be a one-stop-shop, one place to look to explain all there is to know about Oxigen, all the material referenced above. plus the info in 3d party sources (like Model Car Racing) ... All in one spot. Might even include (with permission) reviews that come later from the various slot mags and forums ...

              Now, you can say, if you are an interested customer, you can chase around, and hunt up all of these scattered resources. That is one approach.

              But I think astute business folk, would see an "opportunity", to nudge reluctant consumers off the mark, by making it easier for them to overcome their doubts (and fears) and find this treasure trove of information that makes it easier for then to decide to buy.

              After all... the slot car junky is just a hobbyist, with $$$ to spend. Maybe not too inclined to chase down (or know where to look !) for this data. You guys on the other hand, are business people , looking to "harvest" this available $$$...

              My thinking is that information compiled like this, will better inform your customer, and help to overcome customer "objections"... That is reasons for deciding NOT to buy. Once all the facts are out there, it becomes easier to make that purchasing decision

              The cross-platform compatibility you are working on represents great progress, and I think will go a long way to winning over customers.

              However, in just asking this question, and in monitoring the response to others, I have learned more about your "Ghost Cars", that I feel need more development work.

              That is, making your Ghost Car Programmable. That is , able to run programmed hot laps by by copying a driving lap set by a prior "hot laps",

              This would allow a "solo" racer, to race aganist one or more programmed cars, and make digital, really worth the trouble ...

              Information like chip size, and whether chips are small enough to fit (without modification) in smaller F! cars (that you don't make, at least for now)... Would be helpful too.

              I'd like to buy one chip type to put in all my cars, F1 to GT (relating to size and available body cavity), and maybe even my 1/24 stuff

              So info, photos, all in this Primer would be helpful

              My "Programmable Ghost Car" ... is maybe something you'd have to decide to work on. But just in this thread, another racer voiced the same desire for such a feature ... As a lot of us slot car nerds ... race alone (and prefer it that way !)

              So a programmable ghost would enable solo racers (of whom I'm sure there are a bunch) could set of a grid of cars, and race against them. Yea !!!
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                Bill, that's the exact opposite of a primer. What you're asking for is a compendium. I'd be happy to help you change the topic title, if you like.


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                  In my opinion, a primer would explain each component of the system along with what it will and won't do, and the options. It would explain how they go together and how they work with some technical detail for those who want it. Anyone reading it would know what they could achieve with it and how to make intelligent choices to accomplish what they want. Such a book exists for operating digital trains. I would certainly think it would be desirable for slot racing. It would be dedicated to one operating system, but anyone could determine if that system will do what they want and what is needed. Much of this information is out there, but it is not put together in one easy to understand collection. Even the Slot.It FAQs do not go far enough to let you know what all is needed and how it works together. Any system which had such a primer would have a leg up on their competition.

                  As I said, my opinion.



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                    Thanks Jesse... You got my point ...


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                      I agree that the information is hard to assemble right now. Based on Mr. F's recommendation I just finished reading the relevant chapters in "Digital Slot Car Racing in 1/32 Scale" By David Chang. That helped, but I'm still confused about a lot of things.

                      I'm pretty sure I want to build a routed, digital slot car track and that I want to use a wireless system to power the cars such as O2. I can see that pretty clearly. What I can't see is how the lane change and lap counting functions would work if I didn't commit to the hardware and software from one of the major manufacturers.

                      In other words, what lane changers and lap counters would I use? How would I install them and how would I control them. Also, what race management software would I use? Mr. F recommended an O2/ BLST Hybrid for what I wanted. That seems like a good match, which I am still going to investigate, but the problems seems to be that, right now, I am going to have to learn to cobble together a number of systems to make the thing work and that is complicated and well above my current level of knowledge.

                      Thanks! 50s


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                        I wouldn't complain if were to make such a document, but I would understand if they didn't. The bigger a single document gets, the less likely people will read the whole thing, and the more likely they'll miss bunches of information and come around asking for help anyway.

                        For "selling" the system, they have videos and brochures.
                        For answering common questions, they have the FAQ.
                        For helping people actually install and use the system, they have the manuals and installation guides.

                        If people still have questions after reading those things, then it's better for them to get personal help anyway. Now, if you want, I'll be happy to address some of your specific questions and concerns. Anything I can't answer, or things I get wrong (hey, it happens! ), I'm sure will be glad to fill in or correct. If you don't want personal help, then that's fine, too.


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                          I'll make a short paper, it's probably a good thing. Like 'The 10 things you must know about oXigen'? Would this suit you?

                          Unfortunately I won't be able to discuss BLST/O2 hybrids as I don't know BLST enough (very good system though, and David's a nice guy)


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                            BLST is a LOT less complicated than people think it is.
                            BLST *only* controls the flippers. It controls them completely. It does NOT replace the CAR control. You can use ANY digital system to control the cars. Rather than use that system's lane changer electronics/hardware, you install BLST hardware (again, just for the flippers). That's really all there is to it. Understanding how BLST, itself, works, is a little more complicated, but simply put it makes sure that cars are apart from one another, either in distance or by lane.


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                              Originally posted by View Post
                              I'll make a short paper, it's probably a good thing. Like 'The 10 things you must know about oXigen'? Would this suit you?

                              Unfortunately I won't be able to discuss BLST/O2 hybrids as I don't know BLST enough (very good system though, and David's a nice guy)

                              Thank You !!!

                              But please understand, that by making a paper, a place to find all there is to know about Oxigen, is something that I feel will ultimately help, as once the customer realizes that there is this good, comprehensive source of information on the Oxigen system, I think it will help make their purchasing decision.

                              And please remember... Write it as if the customer, KNOWS NOTHING !

                              Please do not assume that the customer has any knowledge whatsoever ...

                              That every elementary aspect of what the components are, and how they work together has to be explained..

                              What they will , and will not do , is what I think is needed to satisfy the need for "knowledge".

                              You will educate us. And the "Graduates" ... Will run Oxigen !!!