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Porsche 936- how good is it??

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    Dave, your honesty is always appreciated!

    And you're right, and even though I have a good 936, peoples' experience with this car has been pretty spotty. All hope is not lost, though, even with the stock parts.

    The only one of these 512M's I've worked with, I'd given it to one of the guys in the club. He put it on the track, it sucked. Half an hour later (all spent truing the stock tires) the thing was flying around the track.

    You never know...


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      ..... kill any Fly Classic ? maybe a Fly Classic out of the box / untouched .... ? .....


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        If you look at the dimensions of the 936 it is a medium size car. It is not as wide across the rear as a modern LMP car and will not compete with a Dallara or a Reynard or a Gt one Zyec etc on larger tracks or tracks where cars can hold large g forces in sweepers etc. The laws of physics doesn't allow it. However on more technical layouts or tracks with a few 90 degree corners the car can be made to go well. The racing chassis may be fun and it could well be a good match for the slot it alfas and ferraris etc I just hope they dont over power it with a sxxx motor. Dave makes a good point about the quality improvements in slotcars as anyone looking at a new scx car comparing it to one 5 years old would testify. Spirit though are a funny brand. The original ferraris were average then the Dallaras and reynards were excellent race cars the peugeot 406 series are very well done but the BMW was a real concern and the new BMW has had pretty poor reviews to. I hope Jose sorts all this out because their best cars have been truly excellent.


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          We held this year a 12 hour race with the spirit 936 porsches. Pics below. sorry for the quality.
          Out of the box it looked a bit crappy but after a few mods and some trimming they became pretty fast. Lap times were near our slotit class and the car was very stabil.

          The rules was near box stock cars mainly with change og axles, bushings, gears and wheels. No mag.

          My mods on the winning car was mainley:
          Straigthening the chassis and a slight sanding of the edges.
          Trimming the cockpit edges and glueing it to the body instead of to the chassis.
          Slotit pinion, spurgear and axles.
          MB slot wheels 16,8x10

          So! the cars need some trimming but then they are easy to handle and pretty fast. I am going for the new jules version for my self