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Porsche 936- how good is it??

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  • Porsche 936- how good is it??

    Last week i purchased my first Spirit slot car the Porsche Martini (white) 936.
    I have had no past experience with Spirit products, is there anything specific to know about this car in terms of `fixes` before it hitsa the track?
    It will be run on board tracks only.

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    Opinions tend to differ...



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      mind your front wheels, they are often not round. throw out the front tires & replace w/ Z0's. the stock rears aren't bad, just true 'em up. it's a quick car.


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        for wood track running wheels and tires are at least as important with the 936 as with any other car.

        may or may not want to replace the motor. it's no powerhouse.


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          If you're club racing with it, you may have picked the wrong car. Either the Dallara Sport or Reynard Sport are extremely quick for racing slot cars. So are the 406 Coupes and Silhouettes, so don't judge the whole brand by the Porsche.


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            Mine is very quick, bone stock with no mag. It will kill any Fly classic on my track. But, no, it is not going to be as fast as their modern LMPs.


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              Thanks guys.
              Mainly it will be up against cars from the same period, i don`t know what other brands have in LMP in the 75-78 era. I don`t believe it falls into the modern LMP class anyway.
              Please let me know of any other cars in this class.


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                there aren't any other cars in that class. 1976-1981. unless you want to include the LeMans Miniatures Renault A442/443.....

                but if you expand things a bit.......say 1972-1981.....then you can fit in ferrari 312pb, porsche 908-3, lola t280/290.

                expand a bit more to include cars that would have been on the track at the same time.....greenwood 'vette, porsche 934/935, bmw 320i, bmw m1, most any FIA Gp4/Gp5 cars would have been raced at one time or another at the same time/place as Porsche 936.


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                  I just received 2 of these today, the Monza and Salz versions, both number 3. I am not a scale freak so appearances to me were just fine. Now as far as how they ran all I can say is they are the 2 biggest pieces of junk I have bought. The tires rubbed the body so badly they would barely turn on either model. ALOT of sanding was required to get enough clearance. The pinion gear on both looks to be rubbing against the motor and both cars run VERY hot even at the 12 volts I typically run. The tires are garbage and are going to have to be replaced. I am running Scaley Sport track and the cars run like they are on ice. The body on one of them appeared to be mounted on the chassis when it was still wet and when I took the body off it was stuck to the chassis. The screws were so tight I was afraid I was going to break something getting them out on both models. Now I do not expect a car to be competition ready out of the box, but I do expect a car that retails for about $60 to be runnable out of the box.....neither of these were, and are going to require alot of additional work and MORE MONEY to be even remotely runnable. Most likely the last 2 Spirits I will purchase.



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                    Gipper seems to have got a couple of Monday specials after a big weekend. I have only seen a few of the 936 cars and its an odd choice to model really as it doesnt fit into any classic class and isnt a good enough chassis to run with a good modern LMP. One guy at our club has a couple and they are really competitive with Fly classics scaleys etc. Actually better than competitive! they fit in between these cars and say slot it, avant slot, scaleauto LMP car for speed. Good on a small to medium track when set up well. I hear Spirit is doing a sport version of this car with an anglewinder chassis but no word if it is fixed or podded. That may well be a very good runner.


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                      Spirit 936

                      From observation, I would say that Spirit has some serious quality control issues.
                      I have a black Martini 936 and it was pretty fun out of the box despite the lack of period competition. A bit noisy, weak motor, but fun.
                      On the strength of the 936 I bought two Ferrari 512's. Both were crap. One needed a total rebuild; the gears didn't mesh at all and the motor had dead spots. I am still not happy with it and it definitely DOES NOT run with Scaley or Fly Calssics.
                      As for the #15 Tergal car, I haven't done too much with it. The paint has a bad case of "Old Lady's Bum" and there is a small plastic burn mark on the windshield. OOB this is a pretty sad car; slow, noisy and fishy as a pike flopping around on bacon fat.
                      I WAS interested in the Gulf Courage car but am suspicious.
                      BTW we run on a 6 lane, 70 ft long, painted Scaley Sport track all magnets are removed and put on the fridge where they belong.


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                        Originally posted by roveros View Post
                        One guy at our club has a couple and they are really competitive with Fly classics scaleys etc. Actually better than competitive! they fit in between these cars and say slot it, avant slot, scaleauto LMP car for speed. Good on a small to medium track when set up well.
                        Exactly my experience -- surprisingly quick, even with its lightly-powered motor. If Dave Kennedy sees this, I hope he chimes in. I think he'd written these cars off, but changed his mind after driving this one.


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                          Well after reading the horror stories out there, I was extremely tentative to put mine (a Black Nurburgring Martini) on the track (3 lane route MDF at 11v). But after a quick trim of the chassis, removal of the magnet and replacing the tyres with BRM's, I am mighty surprised, what a great car!! Its quite quick, very forgiving and a whole heap of fun! I know that there are probably a whole heap of people out there with differing experiences, but give the 936 a go!


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                            I have to say they do seem to be sort of a mixed bag as far as experiences. I had one that had many problems out of the box. After tuning however it was sort of "medium" speed, sort of like most Fly Classics, not too fast but good fun on Rob's wood track.

                            Then I visited Kurt.

                            He was able to coax so much speed from this car... let's just say everything I thought I knew about most slot cars was turned on it's head during a visit with Kurt. And my opinion of this car was changed from luke-warm, to impressed. Having said that, HE (Kurt) was able to coax speed out of it. With my limited skills on the trigger my experience was that I was not nearly able to get as much speed out of it as he was.

                            I sure don't want to try and paint a picture of anything other than my limited experience with it. I know that there are a number of people who's experience has ranged from Kurt's "wow" to some people who have had quite bad experience with it. I work for SCX and we distribute Spirit here in North America, so I don't want to try and paint a picture of anything other than honesty. In the end all I have is my word.

                            If you're a fan of the 936 (short of longtail) these Spirit cars are surely going to enter your collection at some point. I do know that Spirit are making a racing version of this chassis. I'm hopeful that it will be well received, I know that I'm eager to see it racing on my tracks. I'm more of a Porsche GT fan, so even the Prototype Porsche's aren't usually cars that I build all that much. I tend to go for the 911's and such. So mine has languished on the back of the shelf with all the other Porsche 956/62's, 917k/10's, and many other Teutonic racers from Stuttgart. Not unloved but not favored as much as my little platoon of, as Jeremy Clarkson might say, VW Beetle's...

                            SCX North America


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                              Originally posted by Gord55 View Post
                              On the strength of the 936 I bought two Ferrari 512's. Both were crap.
                              Hello Gord, not to try and make excuses but you do know that the Ferrari's are quite old now. They've been out of production for many years, so doing a comparison to cars currently sold and some that might be 4 years old at least might be a difficult comparison. The rate of change in many slot companies has been exponential in the past few years, even the company I work (SCX) for has done a complete turn around in quality since even 2005-2006. I do think you should expect that companies need to be held to high standards, I do, and I would expect you to as well. But along with that goes the understanding that cars are continuing to evolve.

                              No company wants to be thought of as making "crap", and while your frustration with poor quality is valid, certainly that frustration is fed in some small way by the idea maybe that your concerns and the concerns of other hobbyists aren't heard by companies. I can tell you 100% that SCX and Spirit do listen and do make improvements in cars. Though the pace of change is always slower than nearly everyone would like sometimes.