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ETA for Golf GTi?

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  • ETA for Golf GTi?

    It seems the Golf GTi has just reached the European stores. When should it reach North America?

    Any updates?
    Looking forward to them.

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    Only a 2 headlight grill? My 1:1 had 4 lights. Doesn't stop me from wanting this model though.

    Nice to see it's a right hand drive version according to the wipers. Any shots of the chassis?


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      I don't think the 4 headlight grill was standard, my memory of MkI GTi's from the late 70s/early 80s here in Dublin (and there weren't many around then, most were on the streets of London!) was that many just had single headlights.

      Also, it took VW until they facelifted the MkII Golf to switch the wipers around to suit RHD cars, so in fact the wipers were the same on LHD and RHD cars (which meant the large unswept portion of the screen was on the drivers side! Talk about really caring about your RHD customers! LOL!) so my guess is that the Spirit car is probably LHD.


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        haha! Cool!

        Can't wait to see one of these on track.


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          Another obscure car to mod. Can't wait for these to get here.


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            They are here....

            These cars came into the U.S. 2 weeks ago....I know i unpacked them at my dealers shop...Black car & White car.


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              got mine last week - the black one


              runs very smooth, round wheels!!!!, great detail except for the driver is staring through an imaginary sun roof

              dropped an NC-5 in it & made a very driveable car