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disassembling a Pug

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  • disassembling a Pug

    hi gang -

    i am wanting to paint a Spirit Peugeot Silhouette white kit .. i've managed to remove the interior, glass and windshield wiper without damaging too much ..

    but i'm stuck removing the headlight and taillight lenses .. anyone have any help? please?

    TIA .. pete

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    Hi Pete.

    I did that to the RAA Pug last year, but that was a long time ago so my memory is a bit blurry about this. I think it was as simple as using an Excacto knife and cut off the melted part of the lens posts on the inside of the body. I don't have the car here so I can't check it for you, but take a look inside the body and see of you can find something to cut off from the backside of the lenses.


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      thanks 356 .. i'll dig around again .. i wondered if there was something i missed the first time .. i'll find them i'm sure

      i bought a couple 'o these because of your RAA entry .. it's a beautiful car - i'm still not quite sure how it didn't win .. the verities of proxy racing still allude me