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Bumpy BMW 2002 !! Help tuning please!

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  • Bumpy BMW 2002 !! Help tuning please!

    Heya Guys,

    I'm looking for some help tuning my new BMW 2002 I got last week in the mail. I still dont have much experience tuning and fixing slot cars.

    The BMW 2002 just keeps bumping as I drive it on my routed track.

    My guess is that the body is rubbing the wheels somehow? The body seems too close to the left side wheels, and the 2 screws are centered front & back, so I tried to bend the tubes that hold the screws, it didnt help much..

    Also noticed that the rims are not perfect circle/round, they're dented on opposite ends, this is the same on all 4 wheels.. The dents are only visible when the tires are removed by the way..

    The dents are obiviously intentional, part of design or the manufacteur process.. I dont know if thats what causes the bumpiness, and if it is the cause.. then was it intentional?

    Maybe I can just replace the rims with perfect round ones?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to tune this car for a very competive class at our club (Targa)


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    does this car have the "steel" wheels or the "BBS" wheels. the ones w/ the steel wheels seem to have very poor QC on the wheels, they are often out-of-round and/or out-of-plane, then the tires aren't clean either. in either case, take the tires off, check the wheels for plastic flashings & cut or sand them away, check the tires for injection dimples & cut or sand them away. i have noticed that the bbs style wheels can rub the wheelwells on the body. scrape or sand the inside of the body for more clearance. the fronts also have too much side play, pull one off & cut the axle shorter. i have 5 of these cars & two had wheel issues. i run them mostly on wood & they tune nicely. i have replaced the motors w/ Ninco NC- 2 or NC-5's for more control & realism.


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      Thanks so much for the reply martini917k

      Shorten the front axle is a great idea! That probably will help alot. I will give that a try tonight

      What are BBS wheels? What are the difference between steel & BBS wheels, when I know- I'll be able to let u know which ones I have But yeah I will still do the things you suggested

      Are Ninco NC-2/5 motors slower/faster or ? If faster, I'll consider it.. if slower, I'll have to pass because Im tryin to build this car for a very competitive Targa class

      I was also going to replace the slot guide with Slot It Wood Guide.. which is longer and thicker than most standard slot guides, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the BMW 2002 slot guide was just a tad bit smaller than Slot It Wood Guide! So I am not replacing the guide just yet....



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        bumpy BMW

        I bought one of these cars and with some work it's now one of my favorite cars, but it didn't start off that way. I took it out of the box and tried to do a lap at the store. It made it half way around one lap and locked up and started sparking and smoking. The crown gear wasn't on tight and the axle shifted and locked up the wheel on the body. I sorted out the problem, sanded the tires, took out the magnet and added lead and it's a rocketship now. I race it weekly in a non-magnet series.


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          Heya Challenger

          I have the exact same car Are those wheels "steel" or "BBS" ?

          I took a picture of one of my rims, with tire off, so the dents can be seen yourselves

          Should I do somethin about the dents? Only options I can really think of..
          - Replace the Rims with something else, which means tires as well. This could improve the car but takes some time locating rims/tires..
          - Putty the dents and sand it down to a perfect circle.

          I'll try shortening the front axle first though!


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            Sanding the tires and some lead was all that my car needed to stop the bumpy ride. Also, loosening up the screws seems to help it handle.


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              that was my first 2002 also, those are the "steel" wheels; they are supposed to look like the original stamped steel wheels. I put an NC-2 into that one & NC-5's into my others, the Spirit 23k & 24k motors are way overpowered for 1600cc & 2 liter cars


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                so you guys sanded those steel wheels down to a perfect circle?


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                  rears: sanded & tires glued. i don't know what i did to the fronts on that one


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                    I've had to but BWA alloy rims on the rear of all 3 of my 2002s because of non-roundness. 2 had the BBS black mesh wheels, which are wider in the rear and usually found on the racing versions, while the rally cars have the narrower steel type wheels. Milder motors also help.


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                      Since these are 'toys', and most of them run with magnets, it isn't required that the wheels be in round. Most of my RTR slot cars have wheels that are out of round to some extent or another. The slot.its are the exception as they come with aluminum wheels in the rear. (before others chime in with other brands, I probably don't own any of those you will be mentioning).

                      Just switching out the plastic for aluminum aftermarket wheels has improved the handling of every car on which I have had it done.



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                        I agree with Scott, but the issue varies greatly and these Spirit BMWs just happened to have some of the most extreme. Most RTR cars can run very well with stock wheels, even none mag. In fact, I have many other Spirit cars which run very, very fast on their stock wheels with no magnets. And while I'm saying nice things about Spirit, their tires are great! They are one of the only cars that run fast on my track with stock tires.


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                          Sanding the wheels and tires helps a ton. This is by far one of my favorite cars. In fact I just bought another one.


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                            Just thought I'd add, received my 406 with a bent rear axle. VERY bumpy.
                            Looking to find that tiny allen wrench now.