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  • 2002 Front tires

    Hello All,
    I have the #68 2002 which just looks fantastic, my first car ever was a '72 2002 complete with rusty fenders, Weber 32DCOE's (?) and a Stahl Header so I am a big 2002 fan. Anyhow, I have been trying to get the 2002 up to speed and it has taken some work but we are getting there. Out of the box my 2002 seemed to spend more time in the air than on the track because of out of round tires/wheels but I have seemed to fix most of the issues with the rear wheels/tires but I still have any issue with the fronts. It seems that the tires are too big for the wheels and while I have tried to true them up the issue seems to be recurring. Any insight on how to fix this?

    I do have to say that the 2002 is the slowest car on my track but one of the most fun to brings back great memories of learning about lift throttle oversteer on the 1:1 version.

    I have also just bought the Kamie Golf because of my years in a '84 Rabbit GTI and the fact that I am a huge VAG fan and just love the old MK1 Golf/Rabbit.