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BMW 635 CSI SCX Digital Convesion

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  • BMW 635 CSI SCX Digital Convesion

    It looks like you could install a SCX Digital Chip in the BMW 635 CSI, has anyone tried it? Did you use V1 or V2 Digital Chip? Also does the motor need to be changed? Any other information? Thank you.

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    Since SCX has its own website it is difficult to get an answer here, but if the car is a fairly new analog SCX car it can be converted. The only reason to change the motor would be to have the car match performance and fuel consumption of your other cars. Try sticking with all RX-42s for the digital system. Some people use all RX-42Bs in junior mode, but it is not recommended to use all RX-42Bs in normal speed mode with magnets. Try asking the question on the SCX site, its free to join, or email Bryan Young at the address listed above.