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is spirit is back in business ?

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  • is spirit is back in business ?

    I just read that they are coming back with two new models.

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    Spirit are restructuring, we have been speaking with them.

    I spoke with Spirit in Nurnberg in Feb of this year. Their plan was to clear the old Spirit stock then re-start production probably in Spain.
    With the financial troubles in Europe this year in particularly Spain they have been slow it getting started. But as far as I know they plan to start back up with several new releases.

    I expect to hear more from them soon, at the latest in Nurnberg in Feb 2013.

    I was offered old Spirit product to distribute this year but it was decided a clean start with new product was a better way forward.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      I hope if they come back it will be with a consistent design team. I have a Spirit Courage, and while it is a novel design for the chassis, the plastic is so flexible for the main "spine" that it renders the design useless.

      By comparison, their Dallara has a much more straightforward Slot-It style pod, and their Lola is a pan chassis. Again, there's a distinct need for consistent design.


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        Yes, Spirit lives! If you look around the web you will find that they have released two new models. A new livery for the 635 and a Porsche 936.


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          Where's that JDR

          I just went to their domain and it is for sale


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            The site may be for sale, but there is another slot car site based in the United States (that can not be mentioned) with pictures and story from Spirit announcing the new 635 and Porsche.