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      Hi Guys,

      Nice display of Super Tires decals. Thanks for supporting Super Tires for 23 years on this July 4th.

      Now if you are a slot car racer any scale and do not have a Super Tires decal, join team Super Tires now for a free decal sent anywhere in the world. Email [email protected] and say “Free Decal” along with your mailing address and we will get you one soon.


      Nick & Sandy
      Team Super Tires


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        I don't really have just one pit box. Long time on my, um, starting line though.
        The one and only sticker I've ever put on a car (even if the car is a bit hammered).


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          Super Tires Decal

          If you don’t already have one of our decals, just email your shipping address to [email protected]
          and we will send you one, free of charge anywhere in the world. As always, we also include a free decal with any order. Post a picture of your decal on this thread and join Team Super Tires.

          The best wheels, the best tires, the best prices & the best service anywhere in the world.

          New customers are always welcome.

          Celebrating our 24 year anniversary this July 4, 2019. Other slot car tire manufacturers have come and gone, but we’re still going strong. That’s dedication to the max.

          “After trying all the rest, you’ll come back to the best”.

          H.O., 1/32, 1/24 Super Tires both in silicone and urethane.


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              How About This?