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Super Tires Memorial Day Contest

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    "I always go with a winner, I race with Super Tires."


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      I always go with a winner, I race with Super Tires.


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        Congratulations to our Super Tires Memorial Day Contest winners:

        #17 Old-Mech.
        #23 torquemutant
        #39 woodcote

        To our 3 winners, just send an email to [email protected] with your contact information: include your SCI name along with your real name and address. If you are familiar with our Specials you can include your tire selections or you can let us know that you would like us to send you our May Specials. Please be sure to claim your $25.00 Super Tires prize including free shipping by Monday, June 4th, 2018.

        Thanks to everyone who participated,

        Nick & Sandy
        Team Super Tires


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          Thank you very much Nick & Sandy! What a pleasant Memorial Day surprise.

          Just want you to know how much we all appreciate you two stepping up and helping our hobby.

          You are the best.


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            Nice job Nick and Sandy !


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              Congrats to the winners! Thank you Nick and Sandy for an awesome contest and for making awesome tires!


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                Super Excited!

                After a motorsport-packed weekend, this was a brilliant surprise - thanks Nick & Sandy!

                We're still enjoying the Hot Pink Super Tires over here on the south coast of the UK...


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                  Congratulations to the Winners!!! Thank You Nick and Sandy for another Fun contest!!


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                    My idea for the next SUPER TIRES contest.
                    Guess how many total tires SUPER TIRES produced in 2017 ?


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                        Congrats to the winners.Thanks Nick&Sandy for another contest.
                        GO SUPER TIRES


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                          Super Tires Win Again

                          Thank you Nick and Sandy, Super Tires is the benchmark in slot car racing for the serious competitor.


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                            If the next contest was guessing how many tires were made in 2017, I would be guessing well over the 100 tires that I bought, or the many free ones that have come my way when testing tires.

                            Thanks Nick and Sandy for the great product that you have,

                            Jim W


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                              Congratulations to the winners!

                              Nick and Sandy are a couple of truly class folks. And Super Tires are the class of the field. Great tires.


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                                Hi Guys,

                                Thanks for all of the kind words and for playing another one of our Super Tires contests here on S.C.I.

                                To Buffalo Bob, post #54: We cant have a contest to guess How many Super Tires were produced in 2017 because we honestly dont know. It will vary daily depending on whether its HO, 1/32 or 1/24 scale that are being poured. Since we will be adding 2 new molds later this year, in 2018 we will probably be making even more.

                                Thanks again to everyone who participated. We are still waiting to hear from Old_Mech., please contact us today at [email protected] to claim your prize.

                                Nick & Sandy
                                Team Super Tires